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End goal
150 000 000
Start date
19 Apr 2019
End date
30 Sep 2019

Wise is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip who created an eco-system that enables a universe of applications on IoT and mobile devices using distributed ledger technology while backed by integrated-circuit-product-development. Tap into this ecosystem by acquiring our ERC20 token.

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    Website: wise.cr
    Source code: github.com
    Discussion: Telegram

    Project details

    Started 19 April 2019
    11 months ago
    Development statusJust an Idea
    Org. StructureCentralized
    Active fromApril 2019
    AcceptsETH, BTC
    Sold on presale3 USD/WSE
    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyCosta Rica


    Total tokens100000000
    Available for Token Sale35000000
    ICO Token Price10 USD


    by @network_wise 0 followers

    WISE Network and the Ansuz Chip enable data markets creating technologies that have the potential to guarantee the desired levels of data privacy and security. #datamarkets #WISE #AnsuzChip https://t.co/P0WQM4liLP

    The Ansuz Chip by WISE Network product cases: Transportation. #blockchain #IoT #AnsuzChip #Tokenization #ICO

    Get to know about the company who came up with the first System-on-a-Chip software AND hardware, taking IoT and mobile networks to new heights through blockchain technology. ICO Bounty is currently open!!! A little summary of everything! Recommended. https://t.co/GyvQ7qf18U


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