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Wemark is the blockchain-based marketplace for digital content.

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Token typeERC20
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Team fromIsrael


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Photography luminary, New York Times Magazine Photo Editor Kathy Ryan shares editorial insights and dishes out 5 photo books that inspire her. https://t.co/dUXCHFvROw

Frank Moth’s whoa-inducing collages combine floral, atmospheric elements. They’re nostalgic, futuristic, and we could stare at them for days. https://t.co/JwhLQljujY

From simple ideas like “freedom” to intricate, time tracking apps, these 20 tools will help you be a more effective, more efficient creative freelancer. https://t.co/zFlzq9VjeT

LOLZ. This creative job title generator playfully churns out absurd job titles like “Guru,” “Unicorn,” “Thought Leader,” and others you’ve likely seen – and smirked at https://t.co/nZQD3sRyPP

Photographer Jackson Bowley makes wild, exaggerated portraits using unconventional applications of makeup. https://t.co/HfFQYjNB5A

“As a kid, the inimitable James Victore was told he was shy. He wasn’t. As a teenager, he was told he should give up design. He didn’t..." - Listen to Debbie Millman’s brilliant podcast conversation with James Victore: https://t.co/lIBPMcJCIl

We’re proud to launch two critical components to our marketplace: advanced search filters and credit card payments. https://t.co/feBGwqwU8U

Originally published in 2013, This beautiful collection showcases how different photographers explore the American landscape. https://t.co/x4xXEpQODf

MailChimp put together a quick guide to succeeding as a solo entrepreneur – it’s a great structure and mindset to apply as a freelance photographer or designer! https://t.co/GDGz9PWRUS

From cave paintings to Pantone chips, AIGA put together a brief, diagramed history of how color works. https://t.co/QadmufBWka


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