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11 days28 Feb 2019

Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol.
weBloc aims to shift the center of the gravity from advertisers to users in order to create a horizontal and interactive digital advertising ecosystem.
The advertising ecosystem connected with the weBloc protocol will gradually evolve into a decentralized AD Exchange structure.
Unlike the existing advertising ecosystem where only advertisers led transactions, all participants can make mutual transactions in the decentralized AD Exchange

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Active fromJanuary 2019
Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Role of tokenUtility
TagsCommerce & Advertising (45)
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  • Token typeICON
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    Total tokens10000000000
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    by @webloc_io 0 followers

    Dear weBloc supporters, Our team sincerely appreciates our supporters being patient for a long time. We have posted the announcement about our next steps. Please check out the link below.

    Team #we Bloc is happy to share this good news! #ICON, our #mainnet , is gonna open an online course with #POSTECH, one of top graduate schools in S.Korea, and #KTcoprporation, one of major telco! We hope that talented people and creative ideas accelerate the change!

    Congratulations on ICONLOOP to participate in Seoul Blockchain Based ISP (Information Strategy Planning) Project! Team weBloc is so excited to share good news as one of users of ICONLOOP technology. #we Bloc #we BlocAsia #ICONLOOP #Blockchain #Seoul

    Now we acheived 99.14% and only 9500 icx is available. #we Bloc #we BlocAsia #TGE

    The Last Day of the 1st preTGE of #we Bloc; ends on 0:00 UTC * #TokenSwap Ratio 1 $ICX = 300 WOK + 60 $WOK (20% of #BONUS, Locked up for 60 Days after the official #listing ) * Personal Cap min. 1,000 ~ MAX 20,000 ICX * Participation Guide with #ICONex :


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