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Important: Soft cap - 5 000 000 ICX; Hard cap - 11 000 000 ICX

2 160 000
(12 %)
End goal
17 800 000

Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol.
weBloc aims to shift the center of the gravity from advertisers to users in order to create a horizontal and interactive digital advertising ecosystem.
The advertising ecosystem connected with the weBloc protocol will gradually evolve into a decentralized AD Exchange structure.
Unlike the existing advertising ecosystem where only advertisers led transactions, all participants can make mutual transactions in the decentralized AD Exchange

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    Project details

    Active fromJanuary 2019
    Conditions Whitelist , KYC
    Role of tokenUtility
    Token typeICON
    Hardware walletNo
    Additional LinksSummary Page


    Total tokens10000000000
    Available for Token Sale40%


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    Dear weBloc supporters. Thanks for believing in us👍👍👍 Please take a look other P-rep candidates proposals as well. It is important to spread votes around to decentralize the ecosystem. https://t.co/P8K5RjVpmy

    ICON & weBloc 서포터 여러분, weBloc이 ICON P-Rep 후보로 등록되었습니다. 가지고 계신 ICX로 weBloc Asia에 투표해주세요! https://t.co/Bab99BS8Dz

    Dear weBloc guys! Thanks for participating in our 'Sharing the listing news' event' We are reviewing the links you have submitted. The next event is also coming. Please keep an eye on us!


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