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2 160 000
(12 %)
End goal
17 800 000

Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol.
weBloc aims to shift the center of the gravity from advertisers to users in order to create a horizontal and interactive digital advertising ecosystem.
The advertising ecosystem connected with the weBloc protocol will gradually evolve into a decentralized AD Exchange structure.
Unlike the existing advertising ecosystem where only advertisers led transactions, all participants can make mutual transactions in the decentralized AD Exchange


Project details

Active fromJanuary 2019
Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeICON
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksSummary Page


Total tokens10000000000
Available for Token Sale40%


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New era of Untact - You would be amazed by the fact that @STAYGE_One has been generating more than 50% of entire $ICX Wallets generated so far - connecting super engaging Kpop fans with $ICX ecosystem. @webloc_io has been the closest partner supporting advertising! https://t.co/2FooN0wX2s

Check out @StateOfTheDApps - unfortunately JUBJUB is waiting for the update for decentralization, and COVID-19 is stopping the entire tourism industry. The decentralization updates for both PAYWOK and JUBJUB are on the way! https://t.co/gnqUdDouP4

Everyday I see so many ICONists - especially P-Reps - showing great activities. But it's hard to see them in Korean! @webloc_io team loves to help Korean ICONists stay in loop! Check out weBloc's CGP application and leave a VOTE to remove language barrier! https://t.co/LLoGT7rUOp

weBloc CEO Ken Hong and JEJU Governer Won reunited for the opening ceremoney of JEJU’s new sharing office W360! https://t.co/XhRo4LmMAv



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