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Vega Protocol

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Vega is a technology protocol and associated crypto-asset for an open, blockchain-backed public network for fully automated end to-end trading and execution of financial products. The network is secured with proof of stake and implements pseudonymous margin trading using a novel liquidity incentivisation scheme based on market forces to solve the problem of attracting and allocating market making resources in a decentralised system.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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Gm, gm! Some would say now’s the best time to get involved in the Community... Check out the latest update to learn more🌱👇 https://t.co/uv1V2BcleA

I/ Permssionless market creation & governance go hand in hand!🤝 Permissionless market creation is key to solving the decentralisation puzzle & governance is an essential component for the success of the Vega network🧵 https://t.co/CUKOd2IWGg


Update from Vega+ The Ambassadors have teamed up & are testing the market creation process! Unexpected adventures are always around the corner at Vega+, big thank you for stepping up & helping out the community!🏆🛹❣️ https://t.co/HbEf3c7NXN


The absence of permissionless market creation leads to uneven and inefficient markets! Learn more about Vega's permissionless market creation process 👇🦔 #FreeTheMarkets https://t.co/HfwC4Ejx4Z

Gm, it's that time of the month! Come along to the Community Call if you're interested in what's new at Vega!🦔🥳✨ https://t.co/TjImTMNesN

Update from Vega+ Activities & missions are evolving. New adventures for the Vega+ gang are around the corner. The objective is to create strong bonds and mutual understanding, bringing Ambassadors together in TEAMS to complete a MYSTERY MEGA TASK!🤩👻❤️‍🔥 https://t.co/zmsRs4tnuB


What's the latest and greatest from the Core Engineering Team? How is development going, is protocol development progressing? 🤔🤩 All of that + more in the Vega July Tech Update 🧪, now live on the Vega Blog 🦔 - https://t.co/kzDlx26w3u PS - section credits now given 🫡🫡


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