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20 700 000

Ultrain Technology Limited is a next generation public-blockchain technology venture that focuses on building a high performance decentralized blockchain platform through its programmable tech-infrastructure. Ultrain is committed to construct a responsible and sustainable commercial ecosystem that enables all industrial applications.


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One of our technical goals this year is empowering fully competitive industries and helping them to establish low-cost mutual trust franchise business models through blockchain technology💪💪💪 check it out to know more about our tech breakthrough👉 https://t.co/WSE1MpqaxW

In order to enrich the content of the project progress report and improve the overall quality of the report, we decided to change the original bi-weekly report to a monthly report form now on. here's the latest monthly report👇 https://t.co/5kMtzc5Pey #Ultrain

Here's our technology roadmap in 2020. We will further publish the technical implementation details at each step and share our progress with you guys~ #Ultrain https://t.co/b4IIbUygxx

We have conducted research through many overseas ambassadors. let us know more about the development of the blockchain industry around the world through their perspective.👇👇https://t.co/HGgRd721MK @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain

Recently Our overseas community ambassadors are keeping in close contact with us. They described the most true epidemic situation in their countries. Where are you guys?are you safety now? hope this epidemic will be end soon..🙏 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/rEalXgRMlr

last week, our Key Account Manager Zhou Ye invited our technical director Daniel Wang to conduct a live broadcast connection to explain Ultrain’s cutting-edge consensus protocol in detail👇👇 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/4i7teKNzji

the launching ceremony of our Wandering Baby Cloud Sponsorship Platform was held in Beijing. Many stars, stray animal rescuers joined to support the animal rescue business. 🤟🤟 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/gTNUSfzO0K

Breaking news📢: SECOO Group (NASDAQ: SECO) and Ultrain successfully held “The Global Luxury Consumption Alliance” Launch Press Conference jointly!! 🙌🙌 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/LKa96RHFPS?

👉Wandering Baby👈 platform based on Ultrain officially launched! We will gather all society's strength to help stray animals!🐶🐱 Let's use blockchain technology to make the world better😊 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/5PvOaHujRp

Ultrain's developer meetup was held in Hangzhou last week! there were so many senior developers and technology company executives. Our Chief Cryptologist and technical director shared much information about Ultrain technology👏👏 @EmmaUltrain #Ultrain https://t.co/ha8kb1Ie2W

Good news! 📢📢📢 We Destroy 500 million UGAS: UGAS issued a total of 1 billion originally. UGAS is in a state of super inflation. We decided to directly burn 500 million UGAS and reduce the inflation status of the economy.😃😃😃#Ultrain #UGAS


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