End goal
420 000
Start date
04 Nov 2018
End date
04 Jan 2019

Tunez is a platform designed to be a tool for mass adoption. Tunez is a cryptocurrency wallet, music and music video player/store and encrypted chat messenger.

The platform is a blend of several viral industries intended to bring users to the blockchain. We have combined the blockchain, entertainment and social-media market into one beautiful piece. TUNEZ mobile app, a cryptocurrency wallet for mass adoption. We appealing to people to use cryptocurrencies through what they like doing best. Almost everybody owing a mobile phone has a social media app and music player app on their mobile device.

We are aiming to chip in a cryptocurrency wallet to every mobile device through TUNEZ app. We are also building an application for the unbanked as we would be integrating a faucet that pays you for your activities on our app in a decentralized manner in TUNEZ TOKENs. Artist get paid in a decentralized manner through a smart-contract for revenue generated by their music, we charge only 1% from them. Unlike other music store, artist on TUNEZ get 99% of revenue generated by their music.


Project details

Started 04 November 2018
over 3 years ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromNovember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
Hardware walletYes
Team fromIndia


Total tokens2400000000
Available for Token Sale2000000000
ICO Token Price0.000196 USD


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