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We have an announcement coming this week that will make developer’s lives a LOT easier… Stay tuned to hear it first!

The survey results are in! Truebit’s community has spoken: the three biggest sectors where we hope to see development are: 21% Blockchain and/or DLT Service 16% Research/Education 14% Financial Services https://t.co/eOBJJFd0qk

In just two minutes, developers can be a part of Truebit. Take our survey now -- we want to hear all about our community’s needs and goals https://t.co/kUiC47UDqO

Want to learn how Truebit could improve the world of public health data? Dr. Steven Teutsch, a leading voice in the public health sector, discusses the potential of Truebit here https://t.co/PM6ymzPWvq

Friendly reminder! Our second AMA session for Series;Verified with Raghav Kulkarni starts in 10 minutes. Get your questions in and make sure they are related to the subject at hand. 👀 See you there!👇 https://t.co/zfbKyzbfy3

Mark your calendars everyone! This Thursday July 15, at 12PM EST Raghav Kulkarni will host our second reddit AMA to answer questions regarding the Verifier's Dilemma paper. Join Raghav in the link below to learn about Truebit's early days! https://t.co/zfbKyzbfy3https://t.co/DwsxjsWn1b

Series;Verified commemorates the sixth anniversary of the July 4, 2015 Bitcoin fork with a stroll down memory lane. Meet Raghav Kulkarni and revisit Truebit’s origins in the Verifier’s Dilemma! https://t.co/nszdB7nO7q

We are thrilled to announce our first interview with Carsten Munk @stskeeps as part of Series;Verified, presenting features and interviews that highlight contributors developing on Truebit as well as interesting minds in our ecosystem. Enjoy! https://t.co/J5PJjnGe0G

What a week since Truebit launched onto Ethereum mainnet! New users, development teams, and researchers are already hard at work building something special. The energy is real. Along the way, you’ve asked some questions. We wrote some answers 👇 https://t.co/ohRLYH1PcZ

Welcome new users and innovative applications on the Truebit network! In order to ensure that our community remains healthy and positive, we will publish a blog post answering some common questions. In the meantime, please refer to the official FAQ: https://t.co/pDIJRsGd5H

Truebit has no relationship with @TruebitT or their token. Please watch https://t.co/FIjpiVLolY for official product announcements, and feel free to reach out with questions through our website contact form.


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