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Fei Protocol

1 681 160 000
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Start date
31 Mar 2021
End date
03 Apr 2021

A direct incentive stablecoin which is undercollateralized and fully decentralized

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksApp


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale25%



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$FEI passed the listing vote and will be added to @AaveAave tomorrow πŸ’₯ This is a HUGE milestone for Fei Protocol. Soon DeFi users can borrow FEI against any of the ~20 liquid collateral tokens on Aave πŸ‘€ What does this mean for Fei? πŸ‘‡

We’ve upgraded our staking system as we gear up for Fei v2! (more info on v2 πŸ”œ) There are still about 1000 stakers in the old system. Make sure you transition your old FEI-TRIBE LP tokens to the new system on https://t.co/8sCsIV7BiG

The next version of Fei Protocol was submitted to the security audit team today! βœ… Fei V2 Code Freeze βœ… Fei V2 Audit Kick-off πŸ”œ Fei V2 Launch https://t.co/s6fVpBuwwv

Our post on @compoundfinance 's forum to discuss adding $FEI to their money market protocol is up and a positive engagement is emerging between our communities. Please take a look and share your support https://t.co/VV8IKxPJJx. We are very excited to get engaged with Compound.

Heading to #Mainnet2021 this month? Keep Sunday, September 19th open πŸ₯³πŸ—½ More details to come.... See you in NYC! https://t.co/bqZan01FPJ

The old staking rewards have stopped accruing, so to earn new rewards you will need to migrate following this guide: https://t.co/XX2U6fsE92 There is still $45m staked in the old contract. Here are the new pools and current APRs πŸ‘€ https://t.co/EVPY2l3D2w

Reminder: if the TribalChief staking rewards upgrade passes, existing $FEI - $TRIBE LP stakers will need to start migrating funds at 12pm PT / 7pm UTC on Sunday Sept 5 to continue earning $TRIBE rewards 🌲 https://t.co/lLiYmH5Ghz


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