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3 200 000
(57 %)
End goal
5 600 000
Start date
13 May 2019
End date
14 May 2019

An all-platform-supported native-application-compatible smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem. TRIAS aims to create a new-generation public chain, which will support the execution of general-purpose native-applications on all platforms.

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Website: trias.one
Source code: github.com
Discussion: Telegram

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Token typeOwn wallet
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On August 4th, DAOeco initiated Grant 4 to design an NFT Auction Model and Mechanism, which: 1⃣️ Improves the liquidity of the NFT trading market; 2⃣️ Enables creators and participants to gain more benefits. Here are the research results: https://t.co/r6RNAWbRb1

📜Triathon Infographic Contest is ended with 19 great works and over 1000 votes. Thanks to all participatants for your creative contributions! 🤗 Rewards will be allocated in a week. Winners🏅 will be announced later. https://t.co/GkqRPYI5Of

Achievements from last week: 🔹Triathon battleground Version 0.1 🔹Top 10 trending on LunarCrush 🔹The first article of Triathon Now! Want more? Click👇🏻 https://t.co/yXNbUpMpzA

#Triathon Now! Before investing💰 in projects, except for checking the code, we also need the black box tests, which is why Triathon was designed——being the blockchain "wind tunnel test" enabler. $Trias #BSC #Crypto #Metaverse https://t.co/UZ6HuhxQvu

Hello Trias Community!📢 ❇️Stand a chance to win🏆100 TRIAS, equivalent to 716 USDT🤑at current price!! 💁‍♂️Participate in the event with your👇 🔰One-pager📄or 🔰Infographic📊on #Triathon. Vote HERE⬇️ https://t.co/LvytTdfI7d $TRIAS #NTF #Crypto #BTC https://t.co/GkqRPYI5Of

Highlights: ✅ Triathon testbook:the Code Book of Genesis has been published. ✅ Triathon Infographic Contest has been launched. More developments: https://t.co/8ejdbyje7e

The first batch of LV6 Sea Monster NFTs for qualified participants have been sent to them. Thanks for their contributions! https://t.co/GkqRPYI5Of

📃There are a thousand of Triathons in a thousand people’s #metaverse . Create your own story of #Triathon. 📅Time: Sept. 6th - Sept. 20th 💰Rewards: 100TRIAS for each winner Participate in the contest: https://t.co/wfKLNhA4Z9

$Trias #Triathon Whitepaper, CEO AMA, Grant 4, BSC anniversary… Another busy week of development🤗 Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting news. Review our progress on the weekly report: https://t.co/OnmCAfMVXl

Join the BSC Anniversary NFT mining event to earn $TRIAS! ⏰Time: 12:00 PM September 2nd ⛏Mining Cycle: 7 days 💰Mining Rewards: TRIAS worthy of $ 10,000 📍Spot: Booth 16, Hall 4 Here is the instructions: https://t.co/QQYdIzzVbq


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