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End goal
10 000 000
Start date
01 Nov 2018
End date
01 Feb 2019

Is a decentralised network of AI & Human contribution that rewards users for correcting language output.

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Project details

Started 01 November 2018
over 2 years ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromNovember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyMauritius


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale100000000
ICO Token Price0.2 USD


by @translatemenet 0 followers

Our team has now successfully deployed 14 translation models. With the help of thousands of translators these models are constantly been improved and rewarded in TMN. Once we start generating revenue we will add staking which will offer translators a passive income opportunity. https://t.co/JTT8bjEJdX

Big month for TranslateMe in September. 🚀Smart contract development on NEO 3 will begin, more info to follow. 🚀Support for development funding secured! 🚀Incoming!!! Mystery DEV team to be announced officially to help with NEO 3 development, we are super excited! https://t.co/UAZ2o7Lnk8

Japanese, one of the most fast-paced spoken languages in the world, has now been added to TranslateMe! A language unites a group. TranslateMe is uniting the World using its translation platform. @NEOnewstoday #NEO #MachineTranslation https://t.co/soU90ybw3d

We are looking forward to migration of our platform to NEO 3. Many projects will soon consider moving accross to NEO. https://t.co/Uvh5wmPsZP

Nice short video on why translators are switching to TranslateMe and building a reputation that can be used on third party freelance platforms with agencies. Translators play an important role in our goal to become the world's alternative machine translation solution. https://t.co/vhWRwRXIvu

Let's show NEO News Today how much we appreciate the continued support for NEO. We are excited for the candidate nomination and believe they deserve a chair at NEO council table! https://t.co/cUkV9YiMeH

Chinese is by far the most spoken language across the world with 1.31 billion speakers - approximately 16 percent of the world's population! We are happy to add the Chinese language to our platform! Can you guess the number of languages on TranslateMe? #NEO #cryptotwitter https://t.co/naD274Ph0Z


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