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End goal
10 000 000
Start date
01 Nov 2018
End date
01 Feb 2019

Is a decentralised network of AI & Human contribution that rewards users for correcting language output.

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    Project details

    Started 01 November 2018
    9 months ago
    Development statusPrototype / MVP
    Org. StructureCentralized
    Active fromNovember 2018
    Sold on presaleNo
    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyMauritius


    Total tokens100000000
    Available for Token Sale100000000
    ICO Token Price0.2 USD


    by @translatemenet 0 followers

    We are offcially listed on https://t.co/w5EX5RVAwV lets celebrate. 100 000 TMN to 10 winners, retweet this tweet with 10 friends, pin the message to your profile and get as many likes and comments as possible. TranslateMe is the future of machine translation. #TranslateMe https://t.co/uL0vVlTHdN

    We want to share with you an article created by one of our community members, they have contributed an excellent piece which introduces the reader to @translatemenet mission. Show support and give it a read: https://t.co/KiEi666tQT

    We crunched the numbers and as requested this is our official circulating supply. These are tokens out side of project wallets. https://t.co/dQrLqgfIpe

    Great addition to our team, very excited to have Silvestre Losada come on and board as an advisory to our project, his expertise will assist in further development of our unique machine translation algorithm. https://t.co/82jWkIQXSx

    Our new exchange listing ? Our first clue of three that will be released today. Make sure to comment on original tweet if you guess right, 10 000 TMN today to first correct answer. https://t.co/V8oDVxOTlB

    Retweet this, tag 5 friends. For instant 100 TMN and try guess the exchange for instant 10000 first right answer. https://t.co/T4lQNOTOGY

    TranslateMe has a mystery listing can you guess who? We will share clues today and first to guess gets 10 000 TMN .... stay tuned. https://t.co/quMocUWvrX

    We are extremely grateful for the advice and direction our new advisor will bring to our project. NO, not another self appointed Crypto Advisor... but someone with 12 years experience in natural langauge processing. We will reveal next week. https://t.co/6EI9GEcF7r


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