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End goal
10 000 000
Sales started
47 days ago01 Nov 2018
Sales ends in
44 days01 Feb 2019

Is a decentralised network of AI & Human contribution that rewards users for correcting language output.

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Source code: gitlab.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

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Started 01 November 2018
about 1 month ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromNovember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
TagsArtificial Intelligence (26)
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    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyMauritius

    Token distribution

    Total tokens100000000
    Available for Token Sale100000000
    ICO Token Price0.2 USD


    by @translatemenet 0 followers

    It’s awesome to see small start-ups giving large corporations a run for their money! Especially in the translation industry https://t.co/FFHmYauyuj #Language #Cryptocurrency #TranslationFail $NEO $TMN

    The Alpha version of our exciting MVP is live! Read our blog outlining all the details here: https://t.co/3xA3QQpXoG #Cryptocurrency #ICO #AI #Innovation $TMN $NEO

    Have you heard about our instantly translated chat app? #Language #Cryptocurrency $NEO $TMN #TranslationICO https://t.co/5UzdIbsq4N

    If you love staying up to date with the best of NEO news, follow one of our favourite accounts @Neo_newsupdates ! #Crypto #ICO #Cryptocurrency $ETH $NEO $TMN #TranslationICO

    Tuesday’s weekly translation fact is here! We think it's a really interesting one. #Language #TranslationFact $NEO $TMN #TranslationICO https://t.co/8lYQEk6cq9

    Woah, what do you think about censorship in translation? https://t.co/dlBIVFyTd7 #Language #Cryptocurrency #TranslationFail $NEO $TMN

    The translation industry is about to be transformed! With our instantly translated chat apps and innovative technology, we present you translation solutions like you’ve never seen them before. #Language #Cryptocurrency $NEO $TMN #TranslationICO https://t.co/iyrm46zEWw

    When it comes to translation, context is everything! While translation fails can have detrimental effects, sometimes the outcome is just plain hilarious! https://t.co/XP1apsf2zI #Language #Cryptocurrency #TranslationFail $NEO $TMN

    We are proud to announce that we are officially listed on O3's secure wallet, where buying TMN tokens directly from their wallet is possible. Thanks @O3_Labs ! Find our token, TMN, on O3's site https://t.co/gKBCNEuPdH #O3Lab $TMN $NEO #crypto #ICO

    “Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.” Jose Saramago #Quote #Translationquote #Language #ICO https://t.co/4MEkxv9BNV

    To everyone involved and interested in TranslateMe, please read this article explaining how we plan to proceed with our project. https://t.co/VtB3lkytF7 #TMN #TranslationICO $NEO $TMN #crypto

    With over 800 languages, Papa New Guinea is a worthy winner of the Language Olympics https://t.co/5HwTfDsxFt #Language #Translation #TranslationICO $TMN


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