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25 Mar 2021
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28 Mar 2021

TIDAL is a Balancer-like insurance market built upon Polkadot that allows users to create custom insurance pools for one or more assets. By rewarding pool creators with a portion of the return from their deposits, the maximization of capital efficiency attracts LP’s, while the offering of a competitive insurance premium attracts buyers.

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Token typeERC20
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1/2 🥳 Ledger issue update 💻 ⚠️We have discovered and resolved an issue that caused ledger transaction failures. ✅TLDR: Disable Biconomy if you’re a Ledger User. 📌Please follow the simple instruction on this image to use your ledger. https://t.co/UnCZvkYR2n

💣Crypto doesn't sleep, and neither do we! 👂You asked, so we listened. 🔥We’ve been busy keeping our heads down adding new features, partnerships, product updates, and more! 🚀Moving forward we will be providing Bi-Weekly updates to our community. 👉https://t.co/VaF2nZzjfphttps://t.co/fNaBSQG1Gr

💰Cover miner update 💰 1/2 With the next epoch approaching, attention for reserve providers 🙂👇 ⏰Last 20 hours to lock in your high earnings for next week by providing USDC reserve! Current max APR 142% 🔥 @impossiblefi and @MarlinProtocol have the highest earning APR.

🚀On today’s #DeFi Friday we discuss #staking rewards on Tidal’s platform! 🔥Over 45% #Tidal Staking rewards! 👉

1/2 🚀We are very pleased to announce that @SolvProtocol Solv Finance has started the safety fund to get 1 Million TVL covered for its #NFT use case through #Tidal, adding an extra layer of protection to their users’ assets. 🛡️Read details below: https://t.co/2VEz6zbHV1

1/2 Product update 🎙️ - 🚀 Guarantor pool in collaboration of @bZxHQ is now open. 💰BZRX holder can deposit and earn 5% of USDC premium on bzx's cover policy. 🌊Plus additional incentives of 19,000 TIDAL as weekly rewards.

1/ 🚀We’re always happy to see proactive protocol teams who are protecting their supporters with #defi protocol #insurance ! 💰Over 4.5 Million dollars covered and counting! 👏 @bZxHQ Coverage amount - 1 million USD Reserve - 1,053,164 USD Reserve capital earning (APR) - 20.87%

With the next epoch approaching, attention for cover miners 🙂👇 ⏰💰Last 24 hours to lock in your high earnings by providing USDC reserve! Current APR 165% 👀👉Coming up active cover policies for @MarlinProtocol and @impossiblefi

1/ 🚀This #DeFi Friday we will walk through how the guarantor pool works on Tidal’s platform. 💰Currently 19,000 TIAL tokens are rewarded to @StaFi_Protocol and @EasyFi .network guarantor pools every week.

1/☝🏼 Smart contract audits are the first step. 👉 Tidal supports the entire DeFi ecosystem by providing additional protection for protocols. https://t.co/7LxJ5Ql1Sy

🎙️ StaFi @StaFi_Protocol Guarantor pool launched on tidal finance, #FIS token holders can deposit and earn! 👉5% of StaFi’s weekly premium is rewarded to this pool as well as $200 USD TIDAL token. ⏰Lock in your deposit this week to start earning next week!

1/🔥 Tidal is pround to annouce partnership with the extremely innovative team at @BlockSecTeam ! 👉BlockSec is on the bleeding edge of security, joining our risk asssessment and claims committee. 👉BlockSec Team will provide support via post mortem analysis, real time monitoring.

🚨Final 24 hours to lock in your high earning for next week!⏳ 👉Currently 300% APR. 👉Boost your earning by selecting multiple protocols. 👉Enjoy the new USDC reward program with +20% incentive. 👉Protect the ecosystem and earn! https://t.co/ujQ5ynu2ix

1/2 Tidal is pleased to announce that @impossiblefi Impossible Finance has started the safety journey 🏄to get 1 Million TVL covered through #Tidal, adding an extra layer of protection to their users’ fund. 🛡️ Read details below: https://t.co/AuaFJZSrjr

1/Come join your favorite #Thorchain Chad @Cbarraford and #Defi Security Pro @Robbehnke from #Halborn security for Defi Friday at #Tidal insurance: ♦️Defi Security ♦️Thorchain updates & upgrades ♦️New security measures + team - Insurance initiative ♦️Audit results, and More! https://t.co/zMHKMm4eXD


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