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End goal
20 000 000
Sales started
161 days ago17 Jan 2019
Sales ends in
33 days31 Jul 2019

We commercialize high technology based on graphene using TecraCoin. As the Tecra team, we have created an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high end patent-protected technologies. By using a Blockchain-based distributed ledger, we can guarantee the transparency of the investments based on TecraCoin.

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Project details

Started 17 January 2019
5 months ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJanuary 2019
Sold on presaleYes, we sold 715 000$ at price from 0.75$ to 1.75$
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyPoland


Total tokens15000000
Available for Token Sale15000000
ICO Token Price2.5 USD
Soft cap5000000


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Laser inducted white light of #graphene foam.💡🔬 The innovative solution resulting from the project will be a direct competitor to lighting technologies based on LED diodes. #Tecra #TecraCoin #ICO #LightTechnology https://t.co/aHnReQFXhm

Hello All! 😄 Our New Space in #Warsaw is boosting our productivity 💪 We have first pictures from our office, hope you like them, as we do🤗 And second picture shows how hard our core team works 😁😉 Enjoy 😊 #Tecra #TecraTeam #ToTheMoon https://t.co/DLNkRO5sqd

Hello #Tecra People 👋 Today's news is about...YOU! 👉Why? ▪Tecra hashing power is slowly going up... 💪 ‼IT'S ALREADY 11.33 GH/s ‼ What does it mean ? ▪It means Tecra Awareness is getting higher and higher! 🤓 And what? ▪It shows our Spaceship is going faster and faster! https://t.co/YdgKr0hoeY

📣 #TecraCoin will be the main attraction at #Silesia #Blockchain #Meetup vol. #12 ! 🔹When? June 25th, at 18:30 p.m 🔹Where? The Central Zone at Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2 in #Katowice. 👥Be with us ➡ https://t.co/MSZc1SO1wk #Tecra #ICO #Graphene #Coins #ToTheMoon 🚀 https://t.co/v4qXXtF3BM

Hello Guys 🤗 What's the #news today?🎈We are preparing, furnishing and decorating our New Office in #Warsaw! 🗣 Because of that, there is no Live this week and the next Live session will be from our New Space. #Graphene #ICO #blockchain #HighTech #Bitcoin #TecraCoin #grafen https://t.co/iwEtMfHJ97

🚀#TecraTeam on the road... ☀️Floating solar farms - oh yes! 🔥Hydrogen power systems - why not! ⚙️Huge manufacturing plants ready for the use of #graphene - obviously! 🤳Selfie - #WhyNot 😉 #ScienceNotFiction - that’s why we do that 💪 #PolishGermanCooperation 🇵🇱↔️🇩🇪 #Tecra https://t.co/SrfatA6A58

📣 #Tecra Live Streaming just started - we are waiting for YOU❗ https://t.co/esOJ00noBr

❗ATTENTION❗TECRA LIVE❗ when? ➡ tomorrow, Friday, June 7th, at 12:00 a.m. Polish time (UTC +2) where? ➡ Tecra YouTube Official Channel 👉https://t.co/yibD6UcehF what? ➡ We're gonna discuss our meetings with investors, wallet and our works on it, our latest news and plans! https://t.co/3RsgfLE3Dj


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