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The Crypto Prophecies is a gamified price battling game that uses NFT characters called Crypto Prophets.

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Conditions Whitelist
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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Total tokens250000000


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๐Ÿ•น Whether you want to play the game at launch, stake your tokens, or buy NFTs when the sale drops, your $TCP will have to be bridged onto the Polygon Network. ๐ŸŽฅ Use the Matic Bridge and MetaMask to bridge your tokens. #NFT #NFTCollector #Blockchain

Meet Mushy, Twigwig, Tilli and Conk- these are some of the loyal Etherian #NFT pets you'll find in the Crypto World! They may look cute, but these pets wield powerful magic.โšก Do you have a favourite? #NFTCollector #TheCryptoProphecies

๐Ÿ“œ The World of the Crypto Prophets ๐Ÿ“œ ๐ŸŒฒ The Etherians have thrived in the Battle Arena. But as their wealth has grown, have they lost the passion to compete? FYI: Our comic strips are minted NFTs! View them on OpenSea ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://t.co/YQ5lUoPsdF #NFT #NFTCollector #Blockchain https://t.co/a8tzFqsECQ

The fabled Summoning Portal is where you'll use Summoning Stones to summon Crypto Prophets and magical items! Remember- the rarer your Summoning Stone, the better your chances of summoning a legendary #NFT character or item! Find out more here: https://t.co/bqLGTs7jtw #gaming https://t.co/NDfjf6rEwf

These magical capes are a #Crypto Prophet's primary defence in the land of Optulentos. These powerful items can help provide protection from your opponent's magic in the battle arena! Will you summon a high tier #NFT Cape Diamond? #TCP #defi #gaming #TheCryptoProphecies https://t.co/hoXMvSgOzk

๐Ÿšจ Our #AMA with Paul Lindsell and Philipe Comini is LIVE in 5 minutes! ๐Ÿ“Join now: https://t.co/Z7yAMofqIM

Thank you everyone for playing today! Congrats to our winners! Tomorrow you'll have another chance to win! โณ Games start at 8am UTC! โณ There are still 160 Prophet Orb #NFTs up for grabs! ๐ŸŽฎ Play for your chance to win: https://t.co/dZHbODamzfhttps://t.co/2E4e1D7edy


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