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Soft Cap: 30 000 000 USD Hard Cap: 60 000 000 USD Whitelist and KYC needed to be approved for buying ICO

End goal
60 000 000
Sales started
231 days ago01 May 2018
Sales ends in
days30 Nov 2018

TCD Corporation (formerly Holding BR) — is an IT company engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and public spheres of activity.

Since October 2017, TCD Corporation has been designing and developing a new cryptographic decentralized platform - ""Tkeycoin DAO"" for payment systems, banking and financial sector.

The technology can be used in payment systems, financial services, economy and in all other industries, including state and municipal. By creating an innovative network, the company borrows the best of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, mixing modern cryptographic concepts and mathematical theories. The basis of the development of technology formed popular scientific research, such as game theory, Claude Shannon's Theory, Alan Turing's Theory, entropy of random numbers, artificial intelligence IBM Watson, its own developed programming language.

Tkeycoin DAO allows you to combine banks, payment providers, payment systems, corporations and users with software solutions based on the TBP Protocol (Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol) implementing affordable and instant payments worldwide. Unlimited payment options and a number of other benefits that save your time and money within a single system.

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Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me
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Project details

ICO data from icodrops.com
Started 11 May 2018
7 months ago
Development statusDemo only
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromMay 2018
Sold on presaleNo
TagsFinance & Banking (81)Payments (37)
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  • Token type
    Hardware walletNo

    Token distribution

    Total tokens105000000
    Available for Token Sale100000000
    ICO Token Price1 USD


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    “Society needs Tkeycoin – this is why we are going to succeed.” 📌 Don't miss The Daily Telescope article, revealing more details on our team and our plans for 2019-2020. Dun & Bradstreet registry, Tkeycoin blockchain, our global mission and more. https://t.co/MUrIXsLhuH

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