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DFINITY is a public network of client computers providing a "decentralized world compute cloud" where software can be installed and run with all the usual benefits expected of "smart contract" systems hosted on a traditional blockchain

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🧠Network Nervous System (NNS)🧠 proposals have surpassed 21,000. The NNS controls the #InternetComputer and its nodes, allowing the network to be governed in an open, permissionless, and secure manner. More live stats: https://t.co/JsjWoTOpDJhttps://t.co/FCIT6EaM0G

1/ The results are in. 🗳️ Voting for proposal 21340 to "Integrate Threshold ECDSA Signatures Into the Internet Computer" has closed with 100% approval 👍 logged at a voting power of 313,336,901. https://t.co/cs7INqnZVD

💬 Community Conversations 💬 - Overview of Building a Dapp in Rust 🗓️Sept 23, 11 AM PT / 8 PM CET Software Engineer Hamish Peebles gives an overview for building a dapp in the Rust programming language. Register👇 https://t.co/yfPfsdXkeo

💬 Community Conversations 💬 - Charging Canister Cycles 🗓️Sept 23, 9 AM PT / 6 PM CET This talk will cover how Canister smart contracts pay for the resources they use on the #InternetComputer in Cycles. Register👇 https://t.co/DRr3sposmI

💬 Community Conversations 💬 - Randomness 🗓️ Sept 22, 11 AM PT / 8 PM CET Engineering Manager Manu Drijvers gives a talk on how canisters can get access to secure randomness. Register 👇 https://t.co/rGKQabrD8P

"Internet Computer smart contracts will gain access to Bitcoin liquidity, and Bitcoin will gain powerful new smart contract functionality, without the need for insecure and cumbersome trusted bridging services." @MarketWatch #InternetComputer https://t.co/GLgx5jdIS8

Canister smart contracts running on the #InternetComputer have surpassed 8,700.🙌 Canister smart contracts are computational units powered by cycles. The increase speaks to the growing developer activity on the network. Live stats: https://t.co/e4FaOV7tnqhttps://t.co/3aXoQ7HqTU

📈 This week, the #InternetComputer surpassed 209M blocks generated. Block count has grown by an average of 32% week over week since Genesis.📈 The block count metric speaks to both the speed and capacity of the Internet Computer. Find more live stats: https://t.co/e4FaOUPSvShttps://t.co/lyLQVllY2W

1/ Voting for Proposal 21340 to integrate threshold ECDSA signatures into the Internet Computer is now live. 🗳️ 🚨This is a prerequisite for the direct integration of the Internet Computer with the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. 🚨 https://t.co/So6uLHFPHj

PrivIC provides identity management on the #InternetComputer. Apps on the Internet Computer can integrate directly with PrivIC to authenticate their users and request access to specific identity attributes. Find more DFINIHack projects: https://t.co/kzHAhVIfXphttps://t.co/Cw7FKi6hkE

DeFind is a staking-based search engine that proposes an algorithm where advertisers, developers, and entrepreneurs can determine its configuration. Find more #InternetComputer DFINIHack projects: https://t.co/kzHAhVqEyPhttps://t.co/y2FalnQGAD

1/ The results are in for Proposal 20588. 🗳️ Voting to initiate work to “Enable All Principals, Including Canisters, to Transfer ICP Utility Tokens” has ended with 99.99% approval 👍 logged at a voting power of 312,545,490. https://t.co/HNqDCljLHC

1/ The results are in for Proposal 20586. 🗳️ Voting for the direct integration with #BTC motion proposal has ended, with 96.55% approval 👍 logged at a voting power of 301,806,620. https://t.co/t5zszkrll4

⏲️ Live in 30: Victor Shoup discusses the threshold ECDSA signatures vote, and the cryptographic techniques used to reach the objectives of the proposal. Register, tune in and ask live questions👇 https://t.co/1hzUGDGbVj

1/ Voting on Proposal 20586 for the direct integration of the #InternetComputer with the #BTC network has 20 hours remaining. The current voting status is: YES: 11,047,650 voting power (3.53%) NO: 69,334 voting power (0.02%) https://t.co/MMDnGDkvvn

⏲️Live in 30 minutes: 💬Building a Dapp in Motoko💬 Register, tune in and ask live questions 👇 https://t.co/w0kxdy4PMM


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