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To help developers to get started with Taxa, we now host regular online office hours every Thursday 11am-12pm PDT. Our tech team members will be there to provide tech support and answer tech related questions. Join us on Discord: https://t.co/26GPx5z4jn. https://t.co/MirIM7A6Pl

On 4/13, Taxa hosted an online AMA session with @OdailyChina towards the blockchain community in China. TF Guo introduced progress with Taxa Mainnet development, future plans for ecosystem development, and token incentive programs for developers and miners. https://t.co/6WzRBDPppY

Introducing tServices’ Communication with Layer 1 Blockchains: a flexible and secure approach with Pyxa-ECDSA. https://t.co/ecBvjeCys5

Taxa tServices SDK is available on Github. The SDK allows everyone to easily develop Taxa tServices-enabled dApps with Python. https://t.co/HtVPwOqbeQ

Greetings Community! Taxa Devnet is here. Meanwhile a major update has been made to the Taxa website. Dev docs and additional community resources are now available. https://t.co/5aYS3ZStm9

We're creating a technical blog series to illustrate the basics of Taxa’s core concepts and know-how to help developers start off developing on the Taxa platform. The first one of the series is introducing the design and uses of Taxa tServices. https://t.co/eC3DX6QM8e

2020: Privacy technologies make Web 3.0 operational. Check out our roadmap on technology and ecosystem development for the year ahead: https://t.co/SZmH2cs1d2

Taxa has taken a huge leap forward in 2019. Check out our 2019 Retrospective. See what we achieved on technology and ecosystem development. https://t.co/NpfQNNrXsf

We held our first AMA session on Blockchain Privacy in a Layered Structure with 500 participants from the developer community in China. Excited to share the transcript. Looking forward to the new decade with you all✨ https://t.co/p7n3PMXbKS

Taxa Monthly Highlights for Nov 2019: - Tech updates on Taxa Core, Smart Contract Engine, and On-chain Smart Contract; - Recap of @ETHWaterloo2 , and Taxa AMA on #Privacy Solutions: Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 with blockchain developer communities in China. https://t.co/YYNxAzmTZG


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