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30 000 000
(100 %)
End goal
30 000 000
Start date
07 Jul 2018
End date
09 Jul 2018

Sparkster is empowering you to bring your ideas to reality by enabling you to build software without writing code. Then run that software on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, a specialized blockchain that can support more than 10 Million TPS

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Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksTech


Total tokens435000000
Available for Token Sale67%
ICO Token Price1 SPRK = 0.17 USD (0.00035714 ETH)


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Our Low Code Platform demo premiers in 30 mins. The demo moves quickly, so pay close attention.

We are pleased to announce that we will be premiering a demonstration of Sparkster's Low Code Platform tomorrow March 31st at 2pm UK time. You can join the Premier here:

We are pleased to announce that private user testing of the Sparkster Algo Platform will commence this week. Screenshots of the platform will be published shortly.

We are pleased to announce that SPRK will soon be listed on LAToken. Please wait for the official announcement from LAToken before attempting any transfers. Tokens will unlock on Monday September 2nd 2019 at 10am UTC. https://t.co/dk3jOXtgU2https://t.co/VoxYZu7I5c


Many companies in the crypto space are building #tech for a problem that does not yet exist. This introduces substantial risks in viability and sustainability for the token holders of such projects. We’re not building tech for tech’s sake, unlike many projects in #crypto ... https://t.co/ovpyQpIb5Q


We are pleased to announce the deployment of our Marketplace has begun. Please note you will need a desktop computer and require the metamask plugin in order to use test the marketplace. Purchases cannot be made until tokens are unlocked this evening. https://t.co/eQMOVS9VuOhttps://t.co/cE7tUQ8mRq


Did you know that.....#Sparkster is partnered with ARM-MBED (revenues of $1.4 Billion, owned by Soft Bank) Did you know they design processors for #Apple, #Samsung mobile phones) and #Huawei?...Let us know what you think about this!👇 https://t.co/kS22Y8KLKR


Sparkster is Laser-Focused on Adoption! - Amongst some of our large organizational users is the Government of Malaysia, who have purchased our IOT agriculture kit. Don´t miss out on all the details and read our blog post:👇 https://t.co/FsiDrzm4Gr

SPARKSTER is happy to announce good news that all our contributors and the community have been waiting for: The long-awaited SPRK tokens will be unlocked on Sunday, 9 June 2019 at 10pm BST. We will announce the schedule for official exchange listings in a separate announcement.

This Saturday at 12pm BST, Sparkster’s CEO, Sajjad Daya will be joining dbcrypto for a Telegram AM. Get to know more about #Sparkster, the future and much more. More details on our Telegram channel: https://t.co/p2hxkXMvlJ

Wondering, what has #Sparkster accomplished so far? Don't miss out on this interesting thread👇👇. Let´s start with this: 1/8 We've released the no-code platform for public use, which can be found at https://t.co/NmTzy3o2c4https://t.co/OS4bi00BFm


#Sparkster opted for greater community participation and achieved this by limiting contributions and not allowing VCs to participate. Everybody was treated equally regardless of connections or wallet sizes, resulting in espousing democratic value within our community. #crypto https://t.co/vdJLubNXuz



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