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A Protocol and Token for Self-Sovereign Identity & Decentralized Trust

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Website: sovrin.org
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The Sovrin Board of Trustees passed two resolutions as part of an annual review of the technical, economic and legal policies in order to secure the sustainability and availability of the Sovrin Utility. Announcement, motivation, timelines and resolutions https://t.co/MUZ3BhxbRG

Sovrin is almost 5 years old! With more than 75 Stewards and a global network of 10 governing councils, our community has seen incredible growth in those 5 years. Learn how Sovrin's leadership is continuing to internationalize! #digitalidentity #SSI https://t.co/h8x4xdE2aZ

Sovrin and @trustoverip announce the signing of a Letter Agreement which strengthens our commitment to recognize and support each other’s missions. Together, we are advancing infrastructure and governance for digital trust and digital identity ecosystems. https://t.co/fUyDqqiLZc

Sovrin hosted a very productive community design meeting with @appliedrecog for the Sovrin #SSI Wallet @idworkshop last week! Great discussion on the key features and functions of the wallet by government officials and industry experts!! Stay tuned for next progress update!

In December 2019, Sovrin released a whitepaper titled "On Guardianship in SSI," exploring guardianship in the context of SSI. This week Sovrin publicly released two new Guardianship Credentials papers at the @idworkshop . Join our conversation https://t.co/gjBVyXGgV5

D - 1 day to the big @idworkshop , with over 330 participants joining globally! Come join our breakout sessions M-P to learn more about: - New Guardianship technical papers, - Introduction to biometric binding for credentials, - Insights into the SSI growth in Europe, and more... https://t.co/8EX89VhFQs

The @idworkshop is happening next week from April 20-22! We are excited to share with you some major #SSI announcements and progress @SovrinID and our partners have made over the last few months. Come join us at our breakout sessions M-P to find out more! https://t.co/Cr2ubpdJOb

Sovrin is proud to collaborate with @GBBCouncil to advance decentralized digital identity initiatives globally. The partnership provides opportunity for both parties and their members to participate in broader global business networks to accelerate the digital identity adoption. https://t.co/cJZxuWQDiH

What is financial inclusion and why is it important to financially underserved? Check out this open letter to FinCEN by Sovrin Compliance and Inclusive Finance Working Group, focusing explicitly on how their proposed rules will impact financial inclusion. https://t.co/ZKAAPHxaxL

Join our next Open Community Meeting on this Wednesday, March 31 @ 9:00 am PST, where we will cover: - Innovative SSI use-cases - SSI Guardianship Credentials implementation - Sovrin SSI Use-case Competition updates - Q&A Register now: https://t.co/aL6aAKqlZW See you there! https://t.co/vfmp2IvE0f

Due to the number of requests, the timelines of the Sovrin #SSI Use-case Competition have been extended by a week. Revised dates are: Enrollment deadline: 19th March 2021 Submission deadline: 7th April 2021 Announcement: 23rd April 2021 Enroll now: https://t.co/L2VtUiayF0https://t.co/uMcs8RHujr

Global thought leaders support #inclusivity for people, languages, cultures & technology. Inclusivity has been core to Sovrin since day 1, and we practice it further by reviewing our governance documents. Bye bye “Master Document” Hello “Primary Document” Join us in Inclusivity!


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