ICO data from icodrops.com
2 200 000
(44 %)
End goal
5 000 000
Start date
27 Nov 2017
End date
25 Dec 2017

A decentralized social network that spreads your posts like a virus and pays you for it.
Empowered by distributed nodes, IPFS and Ethereum blockchain.

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Project details

AcceptsETH, BTC
Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens150000000
Available for Token Sale70%
ICO Token Price1 SOL = 0.1000 USD




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Dear Sola user, We are sad to inform you that Sola journey comes to the end. It will be closed on 12:00 GMT April 10. Until then, you can export your posts - leave a request in the app and we will send you the link on your account email. Thank you so much for being with us.

Dear Sola users! Here are some news. Since the 1st of February SOL token will be removed from OpenLedger exchange due to low trading volumes.

Updated challenges rules are live! - Taking part in a challenge costs 5 SOL, and goes to the prize fund; - Authors receive 10% of the prize fund; - 5 SOL are not returned if the card is removed from the challenge. Check it out and try: https://t.co/Em7RgGQDFH

Yesterday Sola “Randomlives23” challenge was live. Traditionally, a lot of Sola users took part in this one and shared what was in front of them at 5 p.m. their local time. Watch it out and enjoy! https://t.co/cOZV9tx9nS

Now Sola has a new feature - challenges! Participate in challenges made by Sola team, other users or create your own. Challenges fall into two categories: competitions and collaborations. Discover more by following the link: https://t.co/DnWichdVAj

Dear Sola users! We’re starting an Airdrop program and from now on new users will be rewarded for registration and install. We resume referral system as well: you will get 5% of referred users earnings and 5 SOL per app install. https://t.co/W9ljsNcfgP

Improved SOL distribution model is released. More fraud-resistant, with new opportunities to boost and revive your cards. Read this article to discover more: https://t.co/jzjKQHfTEB

Here is the 26th Sola Weekly! In this one, you will find some new info about the update, new languages for Sola Web and our plans for the basic topic structure. https://t.co/bv4YvJHzTc

The #25th Sola weekly report is out. In this one, you will find updates about major bug fixes and improvements that were addressed. Take a look and let us know what you think. https://t.co/WLYpup2eo5

Our 24th Weekly is dedicated to 2.8 Update for all the platforms and Web Beta. The updates are now available on all platforms. Read on and know more about Sola updates! https://t.co/hOOgK7t01P

For our #23 Sola Weekly, we are finally there! The app has been submitted for review and we are waiting for approval. Read and share your thoughts, awaiting the new updates, which will follow soon. https://t.co/2kp0Zzpa2g

Take a look at our 22nd Sola Weekly. News about the update; video capture of the beta version and test results of decentralized storage with IPFS. Read in and share your opinion! https://t.co/1Q8BLnz6Lj

Our 21st Sola Weekly report is live now. In this one, we share our plans for Sola upgrades, research on the Japanese market and a new FIFA topic for football fans. Read in! https://t.co/mYwloq1J4N

While development is in progress, let’s talk about Japan. How it is different from the rest of Sola audience and why it matters? https://t.co/oQ6zlnkBsI


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