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Smoothy is a novel solution for swapping assets that are effectiverly backed by the same underlying assets (e.g., stablecoins) with a single pool, comprising a set of interoperable protocol smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum-compatible blockchains, and offers.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
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Total tokens100000000
ICO Token Price1 SMTY = 0.5 USD



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Safety is always a top priority at Smoothy! Smoothy has done multiple audits by first-tier auditing companies to ensure the security of our code. Earn, and keep your funds #SAFU on #Smoothy! Current Total APY on #BinanceSmartchain: ~51% APY #Ethereum: ~31% APY #Defi #crypto

Farming on Smoothy~ #ETH SMTY-ETH APY: 31.13% - 311.35% syUSD POOL APY: 2.91% - 29.15% #BSC SMTY-BNB APY: 47.40% - 474.05% syUSD POOL APY: 5.02% - 50.21% Still good APY to earn on #Smoothy. Don't hesitate! Get started now! #DeFi https://t.co/AkVi1iXuVe

As LP of #Smoothy, you will get all swap fee + interest + $SMTY reward! 💰 No liquidity lock or staking: < 5% Daily Base APY You can increase APY by locking liquidity or staking #SMTY to get up to 60% total APY! 🤑 https://t.co/9KmqYqH7Zy #DeFi #stablecoins #crypto

0x recently shared statistics of their API Cross Chain Liquidity Network. The larger the icon, the more links. The thicker the line, the greater flow of funds. #Smoothy can be found in this chart and our activity is comparable to data from Curve V2, Ellipsis, and Belt. 💪 #DeFi https://t.co/HKZa163Jo2

For #ETH network: deposit to earn interest at Yearn + swap fee + slippage 1⃣Deposit stablecoins and receive the LP token: syUSD Your syUSD will earn you Daily APY just by holding! 2⃣Earn even more by locking your syUSD & SMTY! - Total APY: 7.15% - 41.73% #Smoothy #DeFi #crypto https://t.co/8NuEYYYJM3

Lock your syUSD and SMTY to greatly increase your APY! For example, if your syUSD: SMTY ratio is 1: 1 ❌🔒No Lock: Only earn 4.49% APY ✅🔒Lock syUSD for 1 month + Lock SMTY for 6 months: Earn 10.81% APY The longer you lock, the bigger the reward! 💰 https://t.co/AkVi1iXuVehttps://t.co/XbBI3qnu1O

Ever wonder why an APR range is displayed on https://t.co/AkVi1iXuVe? 🤔 Users can choose to lock up their funds for a set period of time to earn bonus rewards! This bonus is in addition to the APY you can earn just by providing liquidity! 🤑 Total APY = Base APY + Reward APY https://t.co/riGaK6dzE4

Already providing liquidity on Smoothy? Consider locking your funds for a bonus reward. 🔒💰 Locking your syUSD even for 1 week can boost your rewards! The longer you lock, the bigger the reward! 🤑 https://t.co/AkVi1iXuVe Learn more: https://t.co/Yps9yRvxEY #DeFi #BSC #ETH

On June 18th, the Smoothy team attended and presented at DAO Day #2 hosted by @open_defi . #Smoothy prepared a presentation and demo to share current data and platform with attendees. For more info, please see the article below: https://t.co/A6VbAV4MNN #DeFi #crypto #BSC #ETH

🥤Smoothy has been integrated with @iearnfinance for $BUSD and $TUSD interest! 🍸LP's will earn swap fee + slippage fee + interest + $SMTY 🍹Daily base 21.07% + Reward 6.50%-65% 🍷Total APY = 27.57%-86.07% 🧉Smoothy = Max LP reward + low slippage + low gas fees #DeFi #ETH https://t.co/PPjp5NBMlk

🥤 Smoothy is now integrated into @paraswap ! Liquidity for stablecoins on #Ethereum #ETH $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $TUSD, $sUSD, $BUSD, $PAX, $GUSD and #BinanceSmartChain #BSC $BUSD, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $PAX, $UST is now live! 🥳🎉 #Smoothy = Max LP reward + low slippage + low fees https://t.co/qg8i1khnON

Funds on Smoothy are #SAFU! Total APY without staking on #BinanceSmartchain: ~22% #Ethereum: ~40% May not be the highest APY, but safety is most important Providing liquidity on Smoothy is easy! Simply deposit your favorite stablecoin and become an LP! https://t.co/oDTQicsICl

📢Smoothy Pre-mining rewards are ready to claim now! Visit the official website to claim your SMTY: https://t.co/9KmqYqH7Zy Also, don't forget you can earn 2⃣❎ rewards by stake for 3 months (withdraw after 8/8).


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