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Rivex aims to build a decentralized file sharing and storage infrastructure that utilizes peer-to-peer architecture and data security that only the user has access to using their private encryption key.
It envisions a decentralized cloud economy, supported by Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Enterprise Solutions and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Website: rivex.io
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeWRC-20
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksCommercial Paper




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NFT Drop page in progress, tentatively in late Q4 2021/Q1 2022 (not in the roadmap as intended).As of now, anyone can launch their own NFTs. Refer to the GitBook to launch NFTs on in a multi-chain approach. https://t.co/PVF0u63TlJ

Q3 2021 - Research, development and implement new chain deployment for Sonce - Governance token implementation - New website and GitBook - Lightpaper and research for proptech on Sonce

Our multi-chain NFT marketplace is live on two chains #BSC testnet and #ETH testnet (Ropsten and Rinkeby) before venturing into more blockchains Please feel free to try this out and your feedbacks are very much appreciated https://t.co/pITUnwtktc

- NFT marketplace #SONCE on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, more chains to be added later - Updated UI/UX - Better work flow - Added royalty functionalities https://t.co/rykfGlB0Iq


What’s coming to $RVX - Multichain NFT marketplace (June) - New roadmap (June) - New website (July) In the works - Partnerships and real world use cases on multichain NFT marketplace

RiveX has partnered with @witnet_io ! RiveX will use the Witnet to power Sonce NFT platform and DeFi initiatives. RiveX will be utilizing the Witnet decentralized oracle network to retrieve and deliver high-value off-chain data to a variety of mechanisms. https://t.co/mPeMEixQ68

The time has come to introduce our final round of $RVX staking, #LOSv3. Read on to get up to speed with the latest staking parameters and our newest staking partner, @Nuls . More info on Nuls coming soon! We have also updated Pool 2 and Pool 3 for $YRX https://t.co/E2gHSr310i

We are excited to announce the soft launch of the Sonce NFT minting platform! As part of the soft launch, we will be minting gold options. The first LGE on Sonce, $ERX LGE, will also be launched soon! Visit https://t.co/jWfaxZ10mO Stay tuned for more in January! https://t.co/jCNc3fGBex


With the release of #SONCE just around the corner, in the last chapter of Sonce deep-dives before launch, we cover another major use-case for the Sonce platform - Sonce as a Liquidity Generation Event project launchpad! Let's dive right in: https://t.co/sGkKHCDPPG

We have prepared an overview of the very first Sonce use-case! The automated parcel locker, tokenized! We’ve also included some other potential future use-case examples, let’s dive right in. https://t.co/DHKBbEEwVc

As we move closer to the launch of the Sonce, we have prepared an early preview of the NFT minting platform for you. Sonce aims to bring the tokenization industry one step deeper into the world of DeFi, read more below: https://t.co/M5LsLIf8vP

Pool 3 rewards have come to an end. We are moving from Balancer to Uniswap with 500 $YRX to be farmed. Please read more below: https://t.co/JymSfs5MfZ

Pool 2 rewards have come to an end. We are relaunching Pool 2 with an additional 1000 $YRX. You can now switch pools and start earning $YRX again, please read the update below: https://t.co/1TZHh0iw5b

The time has come to introduce $RVX #Sonce! What is #Sonce? Deep dive into our first series of articles exploring RiveX’s new venture in #DeFi here: https://t.co/HCCquEBzOC


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