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Regen Network Is a Global Marketplace and Contracting Platform for Earth's Ecosystem Assets, Services, and Data.


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We can supercharge the adoption of agroecology & regenerative land-use practices by open-sourcing methodologies, lowering the cost of securing and verifying ecological data and deeply incentivizing place-based land use practices proven to regenerate ecological functions. πŸŒπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ https://t.co/yOph1s5NAW

This is beautiful storytelling for a vision of tokenizing land regeneration from the team at Food-Forest. https://t.co/sjBXj9qHtb

A discussion on values: 🟒 What are our shared values and how do we bring them alive in our work? 🟒 What was the last time you felt β€œYeah! that’s what I imagine a REGEN world will look like!” 🟒 What are non-negotiables? Lines we will never cross? https://t.co/chic8tpK3o

πŸ™ Appreciate the intention here @JoeAbbey . Always remember to do your own research (DYOR) on the value of money if it isn't fundamentally designed to restore our ecological systems and reverse climate change at this point in human history. 🧐 https://t.co/2xOvz8w6Le

We appreciate all of you tagging Regen Network on this thoughtful tweet. @lessin - we've built the world's first publicly governed ecological blockchain to reverse climate change - let's work and build together. 🌱🌎🀝 https://t.co/3dkoTjBF9s

Community Development Call alert 🚨

Herbivores are critical components of certain ecosystems- especially grasslands. When you pen them in, they create barren moonscapes . When you let them move, they create beautiful landscapes - and become critical partners in restoring our soils. https://t.co/hU3zW2OcJc

Tomorrow - 10am PT / 1pm ET we'll be having a live community event (event link in AM) to discuss launch of Ledger v2.0 - EcoCredit Module. Excellent concerns have been raised re: Proposal 4 - let's discuss them together. https://t.co/CgK9geFSY6

New episode of "This Week in Cosmos" featuring @gregory_landua and hosted by @defitimes Covered in this episode: - What is Regen Network? - $REGEN - Realigning ecological health with profit - Cosmos SDK

πŸ‘"...It took the Alexandres more than three decades to fine-tune their system of building up soil, restoring wetlands, and bringing a multitude of birds and wildlife to their property, from bald eagles to coho salmon...." https://t.co/KcHVVaQn1w

Great piece on one of our land stewards - Danthonia Farms in Australia. How do we design water moving across a landscape in the time of drought? **Slow it>spread it>sink it** How do we incentivize and reward this type of stewardship around the world?

Has the #carbontech boom begun? We're on track to break our #ParisAgreement to remain under 2 degrees Celsius. It's time to out collaborate the competition and power the next generation of carbon tech initiatives.


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