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Start date
10 Oct 2020
End date
10 Oct 2020

RAMP DEFI proposes that the staked capital on the non-ERC20 staking blockchains be collateralized into a stablecoin, “rUSD”, which is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Similarly, users on the Ethereum blockchain can mint “eUSD” by depositing their ERC20 stablecoins into RAMP’s eUSD liquidity pool.
rUSD holders and eUSD holders can borrow, lend or exchange rUSD/eUSD freely, creating a seamless liquidity “on/off ramp” for users with capital locked into staking arrangements.

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Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens1000000000
ICO Token Price1 RAMP = 0.008 USD


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(1/2) 🚧Tentative Backend upgrades for wBNB single assets market in RAMP V2 platform Date: 23 September 2021 Time: 1:00PM - 4:00PM (GMT+8) The assets market will undergo a contract upgrade to upgrade a Bonus Pool feature where users can accrue multiple reward tokens soon.

ℹ️ Information has now been added into the Minting tab to help new users better understand their risk exposures when using the RAMP protocol. #rampdefi #DeFi #Crypto #BinanceSmartChain #Polygon $RAMP $rUSD https://t.co/yIFb9YHjDY

New to RAMP DEFI? Here’s an introductory video to help you understand how you can unlock liquidity across chains on the RAMP V2 platform. 🎥 Like & share, don’t keep RAMP to yourself.😉 $RAMP $rUSD #rampdefi #DeFi #BinanceSmartChain #Polygon

Did you know⁉️ The “Status” column on RAMP V2 indicates the liquidation risk on your assets. 🟠 Your assets have arrived at a +20% level from liquidation. 🔴 Your assets have arrived at a +10% level from liquidation. $RAMP $rUSD #rampdefi #DeFi #Binance #Polygon https://t.co/jXv2bEB82n

🚧 Backend upgrades for assets markets in RAMP V2 platform Dates: 14 - 17 September 2021 The assets markets will undergo a contract upgrade to upgrade a Bonus Pool feature where users can accrue multiple reward tokens. Maintenance schedule: https://t.co/yIbrPIRItj

Update for our GRT Delegators: RAMP is launching a new structure that gives reward liquidity to Delegators staked with our nodes. If you are a $GRT Delegator to $RAMP Indexer Nodes, read the changes here and sign up with us: https://t.co/EHxulRD2J2 #rampdefi #DeFi

📢 We are happy to announce RAMP DEFI is now listed on @DefiLlama , a DeFI TVL aggregator, which is committed to accurate data without ads or sponsored content and transparency. Track our TVL here: https://t.co/ZWrXYHhZuW $RAMP $rUSD #Rampdefi #DeFi #BinanceSmartChain #Polygon https://t.co/KlO1OsGy5s

What could be better than hodl-ing your assets and wait for the price to moon? If you have sleeping assets in the exchanges, head over to RAMP V2 to get liquidity while you #hodl . 🚀https://t.co/x385m2k5q1 $RAMP $rUSD #BinanceSmartChain #PolygonNetwork #cryptocurrecy #DeFi

Dear RAMPers, we know that this is an often requested feature, so we are excited to share that we’ve rolled out dark mode for our platform today. You can now RAMP in your preferred mode with reduced eye strain and easier readability. Happy RAMPing! $RAMP $rUSD #rampdefi #DeFi https://t.co/3uqF08AIEj

💎💎 The New Norm: We’re happy to announce that Rampers will earn double rewards on their $Ramp asset deposits at up to 40% APY from now on! 🥳 Take your profits through the roof on RAMP DEFI today: https://t.co/9RbXegh5ba $rUSD #rampdefi #DeFi #BSC #PolygonNetwork https://t.co/VmaLNHJ1aT

Don’t limit yourself to just one source of earnings. ➕ Deposit $RAMP assets and mint $rUSD for free while still earning supply APY; ➕ Stake your $rUSD or add liquidity to an LP pool to earn more yield. More yields, zero interest fee.✨ #rampdefi #DeFi #BSC #PolygonNetwork https://t.co/uqTmSytyz6


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