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A safe cryptocurrency ecosystem with a quantum-proof, green sustainable blockchain.


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Registered companyOxford, England


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Quoinblock is designed to be regulated to provide accountability for participants. This combined with business and regulatory logic will make the platform attractive not only to individuals but also private and public organizations like governments and banks. #Quoinblock https://t.co/cEnB1qWpw6


We plan to build on the great usability of current web and mobile apps in order to reach mainstream adoption; because the blockchain needs to handle a high volume of transactions to responsively serve a large number of users and decentralized apps. #Quoinblock #blockchain https://t.co/hMqUQU0M5E


To resolve the energy wastage problem in current blockchains, we propose a new model of mining, Work Your Stake. The coins that participants pay to join the lottery of mining can be donated to serve environmental causes. #Quoinblock #GreenBlockchain https://t.co/YDqQV0DCfd


As an infrastructure to support the platform and ecosystem, the blockchain must be designed with long-term, mathematically-sound security and stability. A rigorous mathematical analysis of the blockchain must be carried out before large-scale deployment. #Quoinblock #blockchain https://t.co/hdq5uZRZti


To bring the blockchain into the mainstream, our team will be actively working, particularly, on the following four aspects: mathematically-sound security and stability, environmentally friendly, large and diverse user base, and regulation and on-chain services. #Quoinblock https://t.co/3WqhKyI87k


Quoinblock: A Regulated, Post-Quantum Secure and Green Blockchain, which developed by World’s Leading Information Security Team. Its main goal is to moving blockchain to the mainstream. https://t.co/nBz7sUm1wV


A recap of what happened at “Overseas Blockchain Project Global Roadshow” on last Sunday (6/3) in Changsha. Our Chief Scientist of Security, Lei Wang delivered a speech about the security of blockchain. #Quoinblock #blockchain https://t.co/hPi8Fqf1W1



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