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End goal
500 000
Start date
12 Mar 2022
End date
31 May 2022

Quintoken otherwise known as Quintcoin is a decentralized and deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain.
The team puts community first with a competitive reward plan for all its holders.
We are committed to providing the community with transparency and fairness. The coin also have a buyback function which will help in the price growth and makes it more scarce.
Quintcoin is a decentralise space for GameFi, DeFi and the first to be bring in ScreenFi and ToonFi. We are also aiming to be a binding bridge between its Shops or eCommerces in the Metaverse.

About ScreenFi and ToonFi Quintoken is simply coming to change the way we see and communicate with entertainment in our big screen. Better news for indie creators.
As a holder you can stake your Quint in our upcoming GameFi P2E games, ToonFi and NFTs to earn more.
You can also be rewarded from every transaction that occurs on quintcoin and quintcoin programmes investment in the near future.
Whatever you do in quint ecosystem you always end up with benefits weather you are a content provider or not.

Quintcoin is a sustainable long-term project with a clear roadmap and its here to stay through enternity because technologies, innovation, blockchain and the virtual world is our passion.
The future of Quintcoin is bright with the vast possibilities of what blockchain and Metaverse has to offer.


Project details

Started 12 March 2022
7 months ago
Active fromMarch 2022
AcceptsBNB, WBNB, BUSD, ETH, BTC, EUR, USD, XRP, USDT, CAKE, Terra Luna, Shiba, TerraUSD, Dogecoin, Chainlink
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyFrance


Total tokens30000000000
Available for Token Sale10.000.000.000
ICO Token Price0.0000034 USD
Soft cap250 000


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Quintcoin ToonFi is now live

5 More days for Quint ToonFi to go live. Grab your share of the token before the spike up. Get extra 20% for every and any amount your buy. https://t.co/RvRfdWEzTx


BUY AND HODL! Hodl 1BNB of Quint and become one of the first to be in line to hold the QBADGE NFT of Quintaverse which will be gold in initial release. Don't miss this, Quintcoin is running. https://t.co/i2Jug7macn

Patience will always win | BUY - HODL!

Buy and HODL. For 10 Holders, get a fresh Extra 50% of Quints for any amount of Quint you buy. Buy and send your address πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/DrR2Dkn5Md

Hello Quintonites. This is Quintcoin CMC Appli number. 417014. Every progressive step one at a time.

Here we go, Quintcoin on CMC is about time...

Hey Quintonites and Non-Quintonites Getting ready for tomorrow's unique date 22-2-22. Let's do something special that day. Chanllenge yourself for Quintcoin will giveaway extra $5 quint to the first 5 people that buy a minimum of $5 Quintcoin on 22-2-22. https://t.co/AgTKvWFIMQhttps://t.co/dMCLOh6znu


For new Quintonite members joining in go rain your votes on our page in the below website to show them you believe in our project and you are here to grow with the project. Rain your vote here Quintonites! https://t.co/M4KAFbrMZL

Hello Quintonites community. Go to this link and make your votes count and rain on our page to help build our community. Let them know Quintcoin is here to stay. Rain your votes on the page https://t.co/M4KAFbrMZL

Become a holder of Quint and get rewarded from every transaction that occurs on quintcoin and quintcoin program investment in the future. https://t.co/88W3LhF4aS


Notting great is made alone

Just because it's a low cap, doesn't mean it's a bad project. Do you agree or Disagree?


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