ICO data from icodrops.com
5 000 000
(25 %)
End goal
20 000 000
Start date
25 Jul 2019
End date
30 Jul 2019

Lightstreams - The blockchain for DApp Speed and Privacy


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyLightstreams Network, Estonia


Total tokens300000000
Available for Token Sale55%
ICO Token Price1 PHT = 0.15 USD


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RELEASE: Lightstreams Wallet 0.0.6. Connect DApps, store and control your Tokens. Now Available on Chrome Webstore. Next release: NFT-C support - Truely own your content! https://t.co/psyezvH8YX #NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTC

📣 Announcing the first beta release of the Lightstream Wallet for fast and low fee crypto transactions. Upcoming releases will support Smart Contract integrations and new NFT monetization models. 🙌 https://t.co/wT6tpkUf4W #CryptoNews #NFT #Ethereum

📣 Announcing the upcoming launch of the new Lightstreams Crypto Wallet that will support new NFT monetization models. 🙌📈 https://t.co/TO9ej9r3RF #CryptoNews #NFT #Ethereum

📣 Sneak preview of the Lightstreams Wallet coming in our next release to support specialized tokens... 📈 #CryptoNews #NFT #Ethereum https://t.co/CPs0FAN6gU


Developer Workshop Tomorrow - Digital Content Privacy using Ethereum + IPFS Wednesday, Sep 2, 18:30 CEST Register for free here: https://t.co/h2jbwpXkK2 Sponsored by Caelum Labs: @caelumlabs

Today we are announcing a new focus to support DeFi. ETH gas prices mean many projects are unsustainable. LIVE today is our "sidechain" with Tendermint consensus. With our upcoming bridge, assets will easily flow between Lightstreams and Ethereum. https://t.co/4Bqjny4dvO

Lightstreams Updates for Q2 2020. Key Highlights: - Completed Security Audit - New Partner Program - Smart Hub is coming! 🚀👏🚀👏 https://t.co/niZBj5FTGm

Announcement: Lightstreams Smart Vault can now run in Light Client mode. A faster and less resource-intensive version! 👏👏👏 Teams have been asking for this feature and we are pleased to have delivered this in the latest release of Smart Vault. https://t.co/zDjRtJHorv

Announcement: Lightstreams Mainnet was successfully upgraded with the Ethreuem Constantinople version today! 👏👏👏 This planned upgrade brings feature improvements to Lightchain and as is an essential factor in the preparation for the launch of Fanbase.


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