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Soft Cap: 5000000 EUR, Hard Cap: 34500000 EUR

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5 820 755
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120 days ago20 Aug 2018
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days04 Nov 2018

Platio is an international fintech project headquartered in London and authorised in over 30 countries. Platio’s new Smart Banking Ecosystem is an innovative solution for the crypto world’s main challenges. Powered by EOS blockchain technology, the platform will offer all-in-one secure banking for crypto and fiat, and brokerage for stocks.
Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to make crypto a trusted, widespread means of payment. Our technology will allow users to seamlessly and intuitively switch between crypto and fiat financial systems. Platio’s built-in safeguards, like Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, will increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.
Platio holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.

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Started 20 August 2018
4 months ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2018
AcceptsBTC, ETH, BCH
Sold on presaleNo
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    Total tokens397500000
    Available for Token Sale258375000
    ICO Token Price0.23 USD


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    In our new blog post we are sharing key ideas that we have learnt from the industry experts during the FinTech on The Block conference held in San Francisco about 2 weeks ago. https://t.co/6fVq7Xub6j

    Ever wondered how many of today’s ICOs comply with 2018 regulations? Read the recent article on Hackernoon and see why Platio project stands out https://t.co/ieUgm8ZW7R

    Check out a fresh interview with Dima Okhrimchuk, CEO of Platio. 🏛ICO Interview: Platio and the History of Money🏛 📹 📹 And who's your favorite crypto youtuber? Comment now and we may connect with him next! #Platio #EOS #bitcoin #ethereum #fintech

    Photo of #Platio team on Becent Exchange Meetup in Seoul #Crypto #Paneldiscussions #Seoul #Korea #Cryptocurrency #Banking #Conferences #Crypto #Summit #Speech #EOS #Blockchain #Becent #Exchange #Meetup https://t.co/WkLWGVEK1w

    Dear Community, We have a major update that we would like to share with you. Please read full message on a Facebook page: https://t.co/3EJi6CQFz4

    🔥Platio at the Becent Exchange Meetup🔥 #Platio #Korea #Cryptocurrency #Banking #Conferences #Crypto #Summit #Speech #EOS #Blockchain #Becent #Exchange #Meetup


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