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Oryx Project

End goal
2 200 000
Start date
12 Aug 2019
End date
15 Sep 2019

Our vision is to provide complete satisfaction for Crypto enthusiasts to Non Crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and Integrating them to various e-commerce stores. Oryx works on collective adoption of Token to usage in real-world applications (Exchange system, Store, Gaming,Crypto platform and more Internet services). Oryx main objective is to be the Token used by our partners, which accept cryptocurrency, to transfer funds and payments within our platforms. Decentralization Of E-Commerce To The World at large, this is our goal and our vision. Oryx can be seen as "E-commerce + blockchain" Its main focus is on entrepreneurship, e-learning, media, entertainment, digital advertising and everything that needs to be done with e-commerce.


Project details

Started 12 August 2019
over 3 years ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2019
AcceptsBTC, ETH, USD
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyTurkey


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Basically #ORYX was founded to build Multi Platform product with the aim to cover all needed for everyone and for crypto users. We will post our upcoming updates and products very soon. Stay tuned with us 🙌🏻 📑 WhitePaper — https://t.co/sXVbXgFgLThttps://t.co/HXIeHMCTBw


Soon with @SwapOnlineTeam 👷 DeFi on bitcoin (A Hashed Time-Locked Collateral Contract (HTLCC) consists of two scripts that permit a designated party (the "borrower") to lock funds on the Bitcoin chain for a specified amount of time as collateral in a debt agreement #DeFi

Basically ORYX was founded to build Multi Platform product with the aim to cover all needed for everyone and for crypto users. With the creation of multi platform, the economic model of ORYX Project will be running perfect and the utility of ORX token itself will be very useful https://t.co/asVHTBN8wi


#ORYX goes beyond being a currency, it is a real investment system with a great ecosystem that is constantly growing. Standard #blockchain environments contain many centralization vulnerabilities, such as self-contained development, consensus methods, and coin monopolization. https://t.co/RXFFlysfYo


Earn up to 0.1$ worth ORYX for each user your refer to us ! 🔜 With OYAAA ,User can generate Points by liking, commenting, and creating posts .💰 (1000 Points = $1.00) User can Withdrawal via ORYX Token. •🚩Info about Event 👉 https://t.co/cPhP60Jw7e #Airdrop #Reward @ORYX https://t.co/nv537zRpON


Be A Part Of ORYX I want to ➡️ *Lead a Guild *Be a Contributor *Find an Event *Stay in Touch *Build with ORYX Join us, and let us achieve oryx goal and vision.😍 📧 info @oryx .network The Oryx team is open to new partnerships and suggestions at all times. Best regards, #ORYX https://t.co/fLbhiDGoGt


#ORYX #UNVID #ProductKnowledge 🎬Easy ways to introduce your video on UNVID : 1. Register in https://t.co/1IQf7JMTgC. 2. Create your channel. 3. Make your video. 4. Import your video from Youtube 5. Upload your video from your device. 6. Let others know about your video content. https://t.co/IWVNtTv7KM


Host Your IDO ON ORXCASH with support from oryx ! Orxcash is a fully decentralized platform that includes a decentralized browser-based decentralized Crypto wallet, decentralized Crypto exchanges, and decentralized Crypto IEO launch platform . info : https://t.co/ka1Wu0elcPhttps://t.co/ewcuIATQPx


Earn for your contributions to OYAAA network 🥳 Each day you will receive a contribution score for your activity on the network. Complete your profile and Start earning now! 🎁 For more info, please check the link below : https://t.co/iZtY4vYuUU Happy Earning😉 #Crypto #ORYX https://t.co/93OIu3hRY0



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