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29 900 000
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End goal
30 000 000
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08 Aug 2018
End date
11 Aug 2018

The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications.

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Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
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Mainnet OGO Swap Progress and Development Plans Since April, developers of Origo have not only worked on continuously stabilizing our main network features but also have shifted their focus largely towards supporting OGO mainnet token swap requirements. https://t.co/gBqWffnPYa

Dear Origors, https://t.co/1lUc7S03UG is preparing an English AMA session to communicate with Origo community via its Official Telegram Group at ⏰18:00 BJT PM on September 24, 2020. This AMA will be hosted on Origo Official Telegram Group (https://t.co/cx9lmtkEtB).

The proxy server problem has been now resolved and all parts of our official website are accessible again now. For more information, please check the below ANN. https://t.co/M7o9BrC6sz

[Update on 3rd OGO Token Burn] All 15% of Initial Total OGO Supply Were Burned Successfully As of Today The third OGO Burn took place today(Feb 26th, 2020) and 5% of Initial Total OGO Supply (or 50,000,000 OGO tokens in total) were burned successfully. https://t.co/sTqmSO8EfM

Announcement on Origo Developer Program for Next 3 Years; Origo Team donated 20% of its allocation for its upcoming developer program. https://t.co/MMEoxAczzO

[Update on 2nd OGO Token Burn] Another 5% of Total OGO Supply Were Burned Successfully The second OGO Burn took place today(Feb 5th, 2020) and 5% of Total OGO Supply (or 50,000,000 OGO tokens in total) were burned successfully. https://t.co/mbxn4sDnI1

[Update on 1st OGO Token Burn] 5% of Total OGO Supply Were Burned Successfully The first OGO token burn event took place today(Jan 29th, 2020) and 5% of Total OGO Supply (or 50,000,000 OGO tokens in total) were burned successfully. https://t.co/opeWIECBSf

[Token Burn ANN - 15% of Total OGO Supply Will Be Burned] Today, we are excited to share the news with you that the Origo Foundation will burn 15% of Total OGO Supply (or 150,000,000 OGO tokens in total) for the long-term benefit of OGO economy. https://t.co/KMxqQ6ZkuL

Dear Supporters! We are very proud to announce that our mainnet Medietas has been launched on Jan 21st, 2020. In this post, we will briefly introduce you the key information on our mainnet Medietas: https://t.co/G5khyWUjpo

Dear Origors, Origo Foundation is excited to share that the official 9-day countdown has begun for Origo’s major news. Please stay connected with us for our upcoming news. https://t.co/COJ0KOx60X

Dear Origors! https://t.co/vzRWbSS7Ig Today, we are very pleased to announce that we are in the process of finalizing the launch of our mainnet Medietas and it is expected to take place by the end of January 2020.

Dear Origors!请允许我给大家介绍我们的核心贡献者之一!Alex Steinberg。2020年1月6日19:00-19-30他在Origo Network Official Contributors 社区参加中文(!)AMA. 请在2019年12月27日至1月3日期间用Google 表单提交你们向Origo 核心贡献者的要问的问题. https://t.co/xrZdhcq42bhttps://t.co/k2Gem5MKLu


[ANN] Origo Launches Testnet 2.0— Preview of Mainnet Medietas Contributors of https://t.co/1lUc7S03UG are very proud to announce that our second testnet is now alive! Our second testnet is a preview of our upcoming mainnet Medietas. https://t.co/h26dS197eg

[ANN] Origo Mainnet Mining Reward. https://t.co/relN3wS8Ai This post explains how we planned to distribute mining rewards once our mainnet Medietas is launched.

Announcement on Restructuring & Finance & Team Allocation https://t.co/43w7PNYBlO The Foundation will continue to be transparent, open, and compliant with multiple regulations. Please be careful with unlawful rumors/slandering

[Announcement on Restructuring] The foundation has finished restructuring its core contributors team. Here are several items to come in Q4 2019: https://t.co/maZA5AQBwf

[Announcement] Listing Announcement on Bithumb Dear Origors, OGO will be listed today in Bithumb. Bithumb users will be able to trade on the OGO/KRW market. For more information, please refer to the below link, https://t.co/yssQysx6d4 Origo Foundation

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