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Lepricon is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) - an organization represented by rules enshrined in computer code that is transparent and controlled by the network participants and not by a central authority. Lepricon seeks to unlock and realise the potential of gaming and NFTs in blockchain by providing a platform for gamified DeFi dApps with a core focus on user experience.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
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Thank you, Baz. You have been a solid supporter from the beginning and we are immensely grateful for that. https://t.co/jDFk38IU4n

We sat our Founder and CEO, @joshuagalloway , down and asked him how he got here. This is Josh's story. #Lepricon #L3P #Leprichain #NoGasIsNotLowGas #FounderProfile

We are super-thrilled about this partnership and some of the capabilities that it will bring as we deploy Leprichain. Thanks, @DefiNft - we are very excited about the possibilities ahead. https://t.co/BIm1CnFkCm

A whole new Lepricon is about to be revealed. And to communicate our new story we need the right partner. Enter @zebudigital whom we have appointed as our marketing agency. #Lepricon #L3P #LowGasIsNotNoGas #Leprichain https://t.co/L1Wi9kbOrg

#SatoshiSaturday Another reason Satoshi was a legend. (But don't worry we've done our best to ensure #Leprichain won't lose anyone's coins...) https://t.co/Am61gi6Oi7

Bitcoin mining uses only half the energy consumed by the traditional banking system, and gold mining uses up to twice what Bitcoin mining does. https://t.co/ibGNeOTGhB

#ThursdayThoughts If you could put one valuable item you own into #blockchain , what would it be? Our Product Marketing Manager @akylasemily would want to mint her #cat and #kitten . Oh, and the memory of her lost stuffed toy.

This week's Harbour City is all about #FansPredict. After several weeks of pre-planning, we kicked off front end development for the gamified prediction platform with our partners at @coding_machine . #RunsOnLeprichain #LowGasIsNotNoGas

#BullishFriday According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global #Blockchain Survey, 86% of tech-savvy teams indicated their strong belief in the potentials for business applications of Blockchain Technology. Read More: https://t.co/ooQUHNs0KShttps://t.co/QQEFsvZidR

#ThursdayThoughts If all the superheroes in the world was thrown into a Battle Royale arena, who would win? Share us your thoughts. Could be anyone from #Marvel, #DC, #Anime or well... anyone super.

#SatoshiSaturday In 2008, #Satoshi founded Bitcoin and used the Genesis block (first block of bitcoin chain) to include an encoded message and will forever remain on the bitcoin blockchain. Amen. https://t.co/WJIhltNFA1

Meet Harvey - our first intern! He also makes games... #Lepricon #L3P #HarbourCity

#BullishFriday again! More than 20 countries have adopted or at least researched the concept of a national #cryptocurrency Defeats the purpose of having a decentralised economy... but who knows what the future holds? https://t.co/9BcbcaUsl9


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