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Nuzai Network

End goal
5 000
Start date
23 Aug 2021
End date
30 Aug 2021

Augmented reality is a new round of development in modern technologies. We believe that AR is a future for most areas. NFT is not exception. Now Nuzai Team is working on new NFT technology – AR NFT. You will have an opportunity to really see your Token in a real world, but not only in wallpaper!


Project details

Started 23 August 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyCzech Republic


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale30000000
ICO Token Price0.10$


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Do you have any experience with VR and AR👓?

Guys, we are finishing details for a wallet 👛 now. Sorry for delay. Registration will close soon⭐.

Guys, we decided to improve our app NUZAi wallet for your enjoyment ☺️. Please don't worry, we send you information soon when it will be ready.

Guys, you have to verify now in our Discord server. Please do verification via #Verify channel, check your DM from https://t.co/nJgCZ004RA and verify it via link.😊❤️

Elon Musk spoke at the Twitter general meeting. He said that it’s important to integrate crypto payments into the social network. What you guys think?

GM guys! How are you today?

NFT is first and foremost art and an opportunity to support artists.

Hi guys! Did you registered in WL?

GM guys! We choose @almunawar1009 in telegram as the most active user. He is a leader of inviting people🧑‍🤝‍🧑. We give him another 200 NZI💣. Share information, invite your friends, do retweet’s. Next one can be you🌟!

In the NFT space AR allow creators to provide more depth and context to any digital artwork. Moreover, users can access AR NFTs anywhere, anytime, through smartphones 📲or AR-enabled sites💻. We’re building this future⭐! Stay tuned, we will provide more updates. #NFTCommunity https://t.co/y3vvWn4rLY


Hi new friends! Welcome to the NUZAI Network. We have developed a custodial wallet 👛 , where you can save, trade and buy assets. And the main thing the Augmented Reality - the technology that gonna change the future ⚡️. https://t.co/WgVQBE3nUr


Hi guys, registration is still open⚡️. Feel free to invite your friends. We decided to improve our app. It will be available after registration finish.

Guys, every registered tester will get 100 NZI tokens. We just did a mistake in last post. ❤️❤️❤️

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of blockchain company Ripple, believes that the NFT market is still underhyped. NFTs have become very popular ⭐ within the crypto space☄️ and beyond, thanks to their unique attributes. And what do you think, guys❓


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