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Nuzai Network

End goal
5 000
Start date
23 Aug 2021
End date
30 Aug 2021

Augmented reality is a new round of development in modern technologies. We believe that AR is a future for most areas. NFT is not exception. Now Nuzai Team is working on new NFT technology – AR NFT. You will have an opportunity to really see your Token in a real world, but not only in wallpaper!


Project details

Started 23 August 2021
4 months ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyCzech Republic


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale30000000
ICO Token Price0.10$


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Now the IDO has started! You can support our project here: https://t.co/QffPGCzBzh Also, we want to announce that every day of the IDO, we will take one user from the list of buyers (for exact day) and buyer will get 1 NFT from investors' collection! 9 days - 9 NFTs! #NFTs $NZI

It's just 2.5 hours till the IDO! IDO will take a place here: https://t.co/QffPGCzBzh Join us in AR development! #IDO #Nuzai $NZI

Hey everyone! We've updated our official website to become more informative! You can look at it here https://t.co/fm7kNEfZtb! #Nuzai #Crypto $NZI #NFTs

Would you like to buy the future of NFT? Meet our AR NFTs. We’re glad to announce that our crowdfunding will take place on @BreederDodo at 20th of September. $NZI, #SaveAnimals https://t.co/2I01eKUR3G


So the ICO is closed and it is a time to move on! What is next? The next step, as we think, is a listing NZI, but now we still don't have any replays. We are working on it! #Nuzai #Crypto #NFTs

Hey! @BustaRhymes is searching for NFTs artist now and we've asked him if he is interested in 1st NFT from #SaveAnimals collection! As you know, it is a collection with animals, which was made to support them! #Nuzai #NFTs #crypto https://t.co/9LVqPJaZqr


Hey! During the ICO, everyone who will invest from 0.23 BNB will get 1 exclusive NFT from limited investor's collection! First NFTs will be available soon. ICO Live on our official website https://t.co/fm7kNExARL from 23.08 till 30.08 23:59 GMT! 1 NZI = 0.00025 BNB! #Nuzai #NFTs https://t.co/ZWMBB85cAI


So, we still don't have any reply from @refinableapp . Unfortunately, we need to find different marketplace. We want to warn our community about risks in deal with that marketplace. #Nuzai #refinable #NFTs

Unfortunately, we still don't have any reply from @refinableapp about our NFT collection. By the service error, we can't take our silver account. We hope, that @refinableapp will solve it ASAP or we will need to find a different marketplace. #NFTs #Nuzai #Crypto

Hey everyone! It's less than 2 hours till the start of ICO! Explore our official website https://t.co/fm7kNExARL to find it at 10:00 GMT 23.08! It will be available till 30.08! #Nuzai #Crypto #ICO

The airdrop is closed now! We glad to announce our next step - second round of ICO, which will take a place from 23.08! #Nuzai #crypto #ICO

It's just 2 hours to get your airdrop! If you were registered through our official website, you can get it NOW! It is the last chance to get the airdrop! Explore our official website https://t.co/fm7kNExARL and get it! #Nuzai #airdrop #Crypto


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