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The Nym protocol is open-source, decentralized, permissionless and incentivized, and will allow developers to build applications that provide users with strong guarantees against metadata leakage, at both the level of network traffic, and of authentication and payments.

Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

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Our global infrastructure is up and running. Wanna know who runs it? Each week we spotlight three mix nodes from all around the 🌏 for you to delegate your $NYM tokens to! #MeetTheMixnode #GlobalNymCommunity (Delegate? https://t.co/lF8yfdWUcHhttps://t.co/L4l695I2Pm) 🧡 1/5

This week we'll be back with another #CommunityCall! This time we'll bring Nym cryptographer Alfredo Rial on for a chat. #MeetTeamNym Join us for a discussion about privacy and cryptography! πŸ“† August 5, Friday ⏰ 14:00 UTC πŸ“Nym Stage, https://t.co/FzDvoP4qvJhttps://t.co/CSfVjBlVKW


Why privacy ✨ Why decentralisation ♻️ Why Nym πŸ’₯ Harry Halpin explains...

Meet Alfredo Rial - our Cryptographer! Alfredo's research focuses on protocols that protect user #privacy , such as credentials and anonymous e-cash. He has a Ph.D. in Cryptography & working experience at Microsoft Research Cambridge, IBM Research ZΓΌrich and more #MeetTeamNym https://t.co/vvPsnpW82l


The market for privacy is undervalued - it is an emerging market that cuts across the entire data-economy! Here are just a few of the backers who have put their money on the growth of privacy as a market, an ecosystem and ethos πŸš€

Nym is a privacy infrastructure that can protect against nation level surveillance. @Snowden joined for when Nym went live this spring, saying decentralisation and privacy technology brings hope and more... Full recording: Recap:

Yes - today's communications infrastructures have been designed against you. Time to cast them to the sea, join the Nym Shipyard and rebuild! Snowden joined as special guest at the Nym launch with @harryhalpin - watch the recap: https://t.co/fFUJU6d6AR

For Team Nym this summer has been hot in more ways than one! We were focused on building and continued our efforts to contribute to the global privacy conversation both online and in person. Check out a roundup of Nym’s #privacy summer: https://t.co/Qf3c1b7d3o

Our decentralized infrastructure is coming online one mix node at a time, all around the🌍. Each week we spotlight three mix nodes for you to delegate your $NYM tokens to! #MeetTheMixnode #GlobalNymCommunity (Delegate? https://t.co/lF8yfdWUcHhttps://t.co/L4l695I2Pm) 🧡 1/5

Agreed. In our experience people care about privacy. A lot. They have just been robbed of the agency to do anything about it. There is a need for privacy. There is a huge demand for privacy. The market is there. Now build >https://t.co/mGKtrYiDLchttps://t.co/NWWqCv1VRh

We are proud of Team Nym, we have amazing people! We decided to introduce our members, one at a time! Meet Shane Qiu, who was previously a Researcher at @BinanceLabs . He is leading Nym's biz dev, ecosystem, marketing & community operations in the Asian market. #MeetTeamNym https://t.co/arQo8MRIsG



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