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The Nym protocol is open-source, decentralized, permissionless and incentivized, and will allow developers to build applications that provide users with strong guarantees against metadata leakage, at both the level of network traffic, and of authentication and payments.

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Privacy is about creating the conditions for people and organisations to have a real chance to make decisions about who and under what conditions someone can use their data. Another good review of our vision and architecture: https://t.co/6T7ZqYzseA

We are looking forward to sharing some exciting tokenomics with you in the next days ! #NYMtokenomics #NYMprivacy #EndSurveillanceBizModels https://t.co/bSNLMBdcT1

Nym explainer by our friends at @BigcoinCapital - for our Vietnamese speaking friends across the world BUIDL #GlobalPrivacyCommunity #PrivacyGoingGlobal

Just a few more reasons why the world needs metadata protection and WhatsApp encryption is really not enough: “Metadata tells you everything about somebody’s life”- S. Baker, NSA “We kill people based on metadata” - Gen. M. Hayden NSA and CIA https://t.co/4owrmwUQkN

"Leakage that enables deanonymisation can occur at multiple layers" Talk by Nym Chief Scientist @claudsdayz on network layer anonymity to enhance the privacy of Dapps.

What @evacide says! This is for those of you wondering what metadata is, why E2E encryption will not save you, and why our focus in Nym is to protect the metadata of traffic at the network layer. https://t.co/JRYp03K1h6

For the skeptics and enthusiasts alike - to be clear - we are designing and developing the NYM utility token and our tokenomics ---> to achieve a sustainable, non-advertising business model for privacy! <---- #NYMtoken

Very excited to announce this discrete event mix network simulator by @aniampiotrowska - we can now analyse how things like anonymity, latency and bandwidth overheads are affected by different design choices. https://t.co/f7LYQUdewd

NYM Project ou le dernier rempart pour votre vie privée ? (Discussion avec Alexis Roussel) #Privacy #NYM #TOR #VPN #Bitcoin https://t.co/mUeLziWY6w


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