31 000 000
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End goal
35 300 000
Start date
16 Apr 2019
End date
16 Apr 2019

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Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeOwn wallet
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A new #Encryption variable #Tokens Dev is here! ✅#EVT workshop We discuss the release of the innovation code feature, EVT workshop done successfully (with some extras)—EVT contract solution⬇ Report: Review:

#Newton #Community is updated! ‼️ What‘s #News? ✅ Media kit ✅ Community getting involved page—Foundation job board Best @newton_projectp roject Web3 Data Liquidity #Web3 #Blockchain #Metaverse

#Newtonproject Weekly Report Aug.8 - Aug. 12 🔥Trending: #Blockchain #NEW #EVT 🛠Website updated 🙌Recuriting 🌟New mechanism(AEP-56 updated) 🤩HIGHLIGHTS Follow @newton_project for more #Earn updates Details ⬇

weekly report 2022-08-01 to 2022-08-07: 1. The event "EVT is coming" was successfully held. 2. Propose a new NEP scheme URI Format For Universal Storage Mechanism (NEP-56) 3. Application Evolution Proposals (AEPs) registered region code for NEP-56

Newton weekly report: 1. launch new pages on official website ; 2. prepare for the EVT workshop; 3. building newton-2.0 devnet.

Newton weekly report: 1. EVT-lib released new version v1.0.4, added test instances; 2. Newton 2.0 DevNet has started building.

Newton Weekly | 2022.07.11 -2022.07.15 1. Newton official launch new features: Newton 2.0 introduction, roadmap, EVT introduction; 2. Newton-2.0 English litepaper is on github; 3. EVT-lib v1.0.2 released;

Newton offical website launch the following features: 1. Add the Newton 2.0 introduction 2. Add the EVT introduction click link

newton weekly report: 1. Newton-2.0 official website online; 2. Newton-2.0 official website secondary page design; 3. EVT-lib development and testing.

Newton 2.0 litepaper and economy paper is incubating on github now. Look forward to your PRs or Issues

Newton weekly report: 1. Newton-2.0 official website page is continuously updated and deployed; 2. New NEP (NRC-53) draft submitted; 3. EVT-lib to be released version 0.1; 4. Newton-2.0 economic model Litepaper completed.

1. Newton-2.0 official website has been launched on the test network; 2. Newton-2.0 official website internationalization translation plan completed; 3. Newton-2.0 litepaper v0.2 completed.

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