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19 000 000
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29 Oct 2018
End date
10 Dec 2018

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    Get up close and personal with NEWTON's we ask the affable and approachable @xujizhe some fun and insightful questions on his way to the office...CHECK it out! - Da

    NewPay Android 1.0 TestNet is NOW online with awesome NEW features! Scan the QR code below to download directly or use the following link: … … New features include: 1. New UI 2. Mining 3. Community node electing&Voting 4. NewID 5. and much more....

    What better news to celebrate in the lead up to the imminent launch of NEWmall than the availability of a Beta version1.0 for NewPay iOS, Now you have a chance to voice your feedback as we perfect NEWpay into what is already one of the most innovative new payment systems in 2019

    We're busy 24/7 finding ways to help better our key way is helping everyone improve the payment process. Current user based transaction costs are higher, yet efficiency is lower. How can that be? Explore NEWpay to learn how to change that.

    The answer to last Weds. Newtonian trivia question....What is SHA-256? (A secure hashing algorithm for Bitcoin originally designed by the NSA). Get ready for our next the first to answer and you could win a nice @newton_project baseball thinking cap.

    Only Crypto Wallet You May Need in the Future:(来自 @YouTube

    An insightful discussion about how Newton plans to integrate Blockchain and modify the future of consumerism....

    Happy NEW year to the dark side of the moon with Yusaku and back to a blockchain future started by Satori,....

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