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    我向 @YouTube 播放列表添加了一个视频 From Improvement To Change, From Industry To Ecology - 2018

    我向 @YouTube 播放列表添加了一个视频 How To Use Newton’s Technology To Fix The World - 2018

    我向 @YouTube 播放列表添加了一个视频 Newton Community Governance and Incentives - 2018 Newton

    我向 @YouTube 播放列表添加了一个视频 2018 Newton Community Node Conference Main Event

    MACAU and Gravitation.....excellent turnout. and fantastic crowd. This will undoubtedly be a Happy NEW year in 2019.....

    NEWTON CEO Xu Jizhe is lit up the crowd today at the 7h international clean energy forum in Macau. NEW solutions and practical insight to better affect the changing eco-system that surrounds us.

    The future of NOW is in Macau as we celebrate GRAVITATION.....Rome wasn't built in a night but in MACAU the possibilities are endless.....(the coliseum in MACAU? No problem.) Xu Jizhe and nodes from around the world are paving the way to Blockchain history...newtonproject.org

    We love what we do 24/7 and our goal is to build the most efficient and open source community based economy the Blockchain has to offer. Learn more about our vision, and become a part of our journey at: "Be NEW"

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