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16 Oct 2019
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30 Oct 2019

Nervos is a suite of scalable and interoperable protocols and an open blockchain "Trustware" platform for decentralized applications.

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The 4th #hackathon workshop will live in 24 hours!🔥 Did you know that community is the new marketing in the web 3.0 era? The dev relation @TheVanderWal will explain to the hackers how and why to build a community. Turn on notification 👇 https://t.co/bHMT0MTfDP

#Nervos keeps updating and expanding ⚡️ 1️⃣Ckb v0.100.0 and its tools are released and ready to use. 2️⃣Soon, this update will activate the testnet & mainnet. We want our developers to step up together by following these updates. Find out more 👉 https://t.co/OY2vcZrNTehttps://t.co/4E21secfqz

Thanks to our partner company @morpheuslabs_io to list our latest Dapps🥳 MorpheusLabs helps enterprises to adopt #Blockchain Solutions to scale their business offerings across multiple verticals with #Nervos networks. https://t.co/YE9Z8bTUgi

Join us in 1 hour on youtube for a message from our co-founder Kevin Wang to mark the start of the #hackathon ! Inviting blockchain devs to build #DeFi solution on the #Nervos Network's EVM #Ethereum (#SOLIDITY) compatible cutting-edge layer 2 solution https://t.co/CQFlQgOMap

Nervos team is excited to introduce the new universe, "Yokai" the DEX enables seamless interaction between $CKB and $ADA (#Cardano) on the #Nervos network. Learn more about @yokaiswap & Read the Open-source repository👇 https://t.co/g7q1LaPhEp


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