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16 Oct 2019
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30 Oct 2019

Nervos is a suite of scalable and interoperable protocols and an open blockchain "Trustware" platform for decentralized applications.

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#AskNervos How to run a CKB dev blockchain? A devnet is a separate network for testing, like the Pudge testnet, except that it is for private usage. https://t.co/3Fq62CKnG5


1/10 #Godwoken continues to evolve with version 1.4 adding a few enhancements. Likewise, the Web3 API continues to improve configuration and implementation abilities for operators and developers with version 1.5.2-rc1.🛠️💫 Here are the key highlights of the v1.4 release:

#AskNervos What is the CKB-VM? The CKB-VM is the virtual machine responsible for executing smart contracts on Nervos. Virtual machines are software emulations of entire computer systems and enable Turing Complete programmability on blockchains. https://t.co/FYnR9NricX


In the final video of this 3-part series, we discuss how #Nervos builds on the concept of an extended #UTXO known as the “cell model” ⛓️⬜ Learn more here 👉

The 2nd part of this series focuses on the advantages of the UTXO-based model and how it compares to the account-based model 🛠😎 Learn more about the advantages of the #UTXO model 👉

The UTXO Alliance is an initiative by members such as #Nervos, @Cardano , @ergoplatformorg and more to drive research & development of #blockchain technology🚀 In a 3-part series, we’ll explore what's the #UTXO model, starting with the foundations👉

Weekly roundup!✨ ✅ The Celer x #Nervos Cross-chain Campaign has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who participated ✅ Congratulations to all the #BlockJam2022 GameJam winners! 🎉 https://t.co/vgxBaqMlkA


#AskNervos ✨ What are the values shown when I view my CKB address in CKBExplorer? Address and Asset values associated with each CKB address are displayed in CKBExplorer. https://t.co/9xLapXWG5C


Congratulations to all of our winners for developing such innovative and exciting games during this year's #BlockJam2022 GameJam!🎉🥳 https://t.co/yf4MaFbW1d



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