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Important: IEO on Bitforex; IEO Hardcap - $800,000; IEO Token Price: First Round Token Price: 0.25 USD; Second Round - 0.3 USD; (IEO Page link)

1 840 000
(70 %)
End goal
2 600 000
Start date
11 Jun 2019
End date
14 Jun 2019
First Round Token Price: 0.25 USD; First Round Bonus: 10%

First global decentralized platform for simple jobs

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      Project details

      Conditions Whitelist , KYC
      Role of tokenUtility
      Min/Max Personal Cap120 USD / 4800 USD
      Token typeERC20
      Hardware walletNo


      Total tokens100000000
      Available for Token Sale13,8%
      ICO Token Price1 MYO = 0.30 USD


      by @Mycrojobs 0 followers

      🔥 Mycro Hunter -UPDATE- 🔥 Now the real work begins. Now that we’ve got all the processes down, we can start building the first designs. This is the beginning of the application development process. The app will be on your phone before you know it! #mycro #blockchain #Crypto https://t.co/9hEcRUm9RF

      Mycro Hunter ‼️ -UPDATE- ‼️ Hello again, here is another short video for you! Here we see our design and development team rebuilding the process to cover all the various processes and important procedures that we may need. Check it out: #blockchain

      We’ve been working hard over the weekend! Here you can see the same processes you saw last week but we have extremely expanded them. Here we have covered, in-depth, the entire process of our application, from start to finish and everything in between. #blockchain #GameChanger https://t.co/fBxXzgg4cw

      The full process, from registration to verification to campaign application, evaluation and being paid. We’ve perfected the process so that it is as streamlined as it can be. This week we will begin working on implementing these various processes. #blockchain #gamechanger https://t.co/TUY4WEvvuO

      Thomas, our COO, taking an important break from the development process! Thomas is updating the most important part of our project, you, our community! If you’ve been following the development process live, you have Thomas to thank! #blockchain #mycro #GameChanger #Crypto https://t.co/cKZrMhVL51

      Three of the key players in the process, André, our CEO & Founder, Thomas, our COO, and Laurens, our product manager. They have been a vital part of the design process, which you can see on the wall behind them. The process is nearly complete! #Blockchain #GameChanger #mycro https://t.co/QAsOLFzGsi

      Every project can be perfected! Here we see Laurens making notes on different parts of the process as we make it even better for you. These slides on the wall show clearly the process each project will follow as they post opportunities on our platform. #blockchain #mycro #Crypto https://t.co/paBFyTp9MK

      🔥 Here's another very important part of the project, Laurens! We’ve started visualising how the various parts of the project flow into each other. This vital part of the design process allows us to ensure that each part of the project flows seamlessly into the next! 🔥 #Crypto https://t.co/Ic6NgQQDao

      We’ve got a short video for you! Here you see our design and development team brainstorming many different ideas. At the end of this first week, we have already designed and developed important processes for both projects and hunters. #blockchain #crypto #GameChanger #Mycro https://t.co/0e0mHs9A6s


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