1 840 000
(70 %)
End goal
2 600 000
Start date
11 Jun 2019
End date
14 Jun 2019
First Round Token Price: 0.25 USD; First Round Bonus: 10%

First global decentralized platform for simple jobs


Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Role of tokenUtility
Min/Max Personal Cap120 USD / 4800 USD
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale13,8%
ICO Token Price1 MYO = 0.30 USD


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Super Tasks are very close! We are currently testing everything. Release is expected this month! Who is excited?!

Coming soon: Refer your friends📱 We all know how important you Hunters are for the growth of Mycro Hunter. We are happy to inform you that we are working on a refer-a-friend program where you can invite your friends to Mycro Hunter in exchange for a reward. Who is excited?💃🕺

Supertasks in development🚀We are working hard to bring you Hunters more tasks. Therefore, we came up with 'Supertasks'. These tasks are less dependent on the social media activity of other projects, which will result in more available tasks. What do you guys think? 👀

Make sure you check our campaign and task rules! Inside the app, open the sidebar and click on Campaign & Task rules. This will open up all the campaign and task rules!🚀

New task rejection information📲If your task got rejected, you are now able to see more about why your task got rejected. If you go to 'My tasks' and then 'Submitted tasks', you can click on 'Why?' which opens up and window explaining more about your task rejection!📲

TWITTER CAMPAIGNS ARE NOW LIVE! Release day! The new version of Mycro Hunter is now available on the Google Play Store! Make sure you update the app and start exploring the first Twitter Campaign! Go go go! 🔥

It's ALMOST Twitter Campaign time😍. Do you all have your Twitter campaigns ready? #GoHunters #Twittercampaigns

FEBRUARY REWARDS DISTRIBUTED ✅ Who's excited for the Twitter Campaigns? #ComingSoon

💥Twitter Campaign Launch Date💥 BIG NEWS! We are happy to announce that the new version of Mycro Hunter, which includes Twitter Campaigns, will launch on Tuesday 1st of March. We are super excited to welcome you all in the app! See you soon.🚀 The Mycro Team✌

Dear🚀Mycro🚀Community! The last few months, we have been working very hard on the new version of Mycro Hunter🚨. We know you are all waiting for the @Twitter campaigns and they are right around the corner💥. Stay tuned!⏳

Happy New Year!🚀 Mycro wishes you all a happy new year! This year is going to be a big year for Mycro and we are extremely happy that you are all a part of it! Launch date of the Twitter Campaigns will be announced very soon.. ⏳

Before participate in a campaign, follow the project that is hosting the campaign. Then verify your Twitter account and participate in the campaign! The tasks: Read, like and comment on the Tweet, you should submit your task. The task process is very similar to Facebook!

How to prepare for Twitter Campaigns!📲You need your own personal Twitter account. Your account should be active, 25 followers or more & should contain a profile picture of yourself (profile pictures of logo's will not be allowed).🚀The exact release date will be revealed soon!💥

Development Update - @Twitter As you may know, we are working hard on the next big step: Twitter campaigns! We are currently working on the 'Login with Twitter' functionality so all of you can verify your Twitter account on #mycrohunter very soon.


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