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18 000 000
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End goal
18 600 000

MultiVAC, a high-throughput and flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computing

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Website: mtv.ac
Source code: github.com
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Interesting view on why PoS doesn't necessarily mean lower gas fee. With its extremely low transaction fees, superior scalability and flexible sharding, #MultiVAC might become one day the natural choice for large-scale commercial use 🌟 $MTV $ETH https://t.co/qi6Y4myc83

We have restarted the websocket, however it will take some time as the blockchain data needs to be restored on the node. Thank you for your patience.

KuCoin is going to upgrade partial spot trading pairs on 06 AM, July 04(UTC) for about 1 hour.  During this period, KuCoin will suspend the MTV-ETH trading pairs on Web, App and Open API, including the order-matching, order placing, order cancelling. https://t.co/ogPEat7Pku

1/ Dear community, Firstly, the #MultiVAC team is very proud of the outstanding resilience of our community to the current market capitulation. It means that individuals still invested into our project are people who truly believe in the amazing potential of our technology

https://t.co/8aiRoQmfTF is run by community members and is one part of the MultiVAC ecosystem. We only provided financial support and have no control over the project itself.

Thank you to those who entered our community competition! It's great to see the talent within our incredible #Multivac community! We narrowed the entries down to two. But couldn't decide. So, we selected two winners instead 🥳 Show your love to the community winners ❤️

#MultiVAC #Staking is gaining traction. Next reward of 1% is at 4.8billion staked. You can stake your $MTV to gain 11% APR at: https://t.co/lkenD9BPIH Fun Fact: There is currently more than 350mill $MTV sitting in staking addresses. Re-staking would reach the next milestone 🤔 https://t.co/LGQKkkMXqL



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