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Start date
08 Sep 2020
End date
10 Sep 2020

Mettalex is a decentralized crypto and commodities derivatives trading platform built using the Fetch.ai technology.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens40000000




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Are you familiar with @Jarvis_Network 's elegant on-chain #Forex exchange solution? Founder @pscltllrd joined Mettacast 06 to discuss the future of #DeFi and the role of #stablecoins πŸ™Œ Which #stablecoin do you trust the most? Check the recording hereπŸ‘‰

Wondering how #hedging on #Mettalex differs from entering an #options contract? πŸ‘‰No premium payment πŸ‘‰No expiration date πŸ‘‰No obligation to acquire the underlying asset πŸ‘‰Fully quantified max loss πŸ‘‰Asymmetric opportunities Learn moreπŸ‘‰https://t.co/jQh7iMXafp #DeFiCommodities

Do you think #KYC & #AML rules for #crypto users are too stringent? Or you consider it inevitable for #DeFi to get regulated? Hear the views of @SamiStart - CEO of @Transak πŸ‘‡ And learn what are the challenges of frictionless on-/off-ramping🧐

Our Mettacast series has welcomed a bunch of wonderful guests 🀩 Together with @TorusLabs 's @zenzhenyu we discussed self-sovereign identity, #privacy , #Oracles, and #regulations . What other challenges is #DeFi about to face? Learn here: #Mettalex

πŸ“’A reminder that all $MTLX LP rewards will be turned off today - June 30th. This move is linked to #Mettalex's migration to @Fetch_ai and @cosmos ecosystemπŸ™Œ The #BNBCHAIN's mainnet version of the #DEX is no longer in use for trading. Get the detailsπŸ‘‰https://t.co/PKbdBAasNX

Did you hear the news? πŸ€“#Mettalex #DEX is moving to the @Fetch_ai network! πŸ™Œ We are thrilled to become a part of the growing @cosmos ecosystem! Get all details in the blog πŸ‘‰https://t.co/PKbdBAasNX #DeFiCommodities $MTLX

Are you new to the #Mettalex experience and still not sure how the #DEX works? We've got you covered 🀩 Watch the introductory video below to find out how to use the first-ever #decentralized #Commodities exchange πŸ™Œ #DeFiCommodities #DeFi #commodity

#NFTs and #Metaverses πŸ”₯- the next stop in our exploration of the Hottest #DeFi Trends in 2022! Some thought the #NFT craze of 2021 was just a hype... Though, NFTs are giving birth to a vibrant and innovative digital economy πŸ™Œ Learn more: https://t.co/zkXk1jlAv0 #DeFi


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