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MoTA Global Initial Involvement Offering

End goal
1 000 000
Sales started
342 days ago 16 Oct 2020
Sales ends in
22 days 16 Oct 2021

Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is a blockchain powered Decentralized Virtual Organisation (DVO) driven DeFi project built to enable secure global transfers and transactions for the under-served. The concept is specifically aimed at attracting the technophobe and unconnected by completely eliminating the technology barriers to adoption for persons who may not or cannot engage with the emerging blockchain technology. Beneficiaries would include the physically challenged, the technophobe and persons who are unconnected or off-grid.

Mobile-money has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, expanding to over 200 countries in under 10 years, particularly in Africa and parts of Asia.

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Project details

Started 16 October 2020
11 months ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Active fromOctober 2020
Role of tokenInvolvement
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyWestern Sahara


Total tokens15000000
Available for Token Sale10000000
ICO Token Price0.1 USD
Soft cap500000 USD


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At the heart of blockchain technology is the need for society to be symbiotic not exploitative.

MoTA Global is providing blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to rural and under-served communities. Find out how we are doing this. https://t.co/3gxEw1zpw9

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