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(2 %)
End goal
110 800 000
Up to 35% (Image)

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Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens200000000
Available for Token Sale65%


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Greetings, dear Mirocana users! As we promised - we publish the Proof of Mirocana Core. There you will see all historical data simulations. Follow this link https://t.co/A2D1Ejese4

Hello, dear token holders! Updated due dates are reflected in the following document. Development Updates will be a regular format of communication to keep the community informed. Best regards! https://t.co/yVdTqdOteE

2FA now can be enabled in your Mirocana account settings section. We would suggest everyone to activate it to ensure safe access to your account. Please, notice that you can lose access to your account if you lose the secret key that is used to generate one-time 6 digit codes. https://t.co/VRgVRUw6fe


To increase the level of transparency we would like to share the document in which you can find the tasks and time consumption that was needed to resolve them for the past two weeks of our core product development. https://t.co/opSFH7jfLjhttps://t.co/NbKnKsCYgU


Dear Mirocana bounty participants! More than a month ago we've asked you to fill in the final spreadsheet. Majority of you haven't done it yet. Counting is over so today everyone who filled the application earlier will get MIRO tokens on their accounts. Best regards! https://t.co/0rr7HUaW4u


Hello dear Mirocana friends! We made a great job together, worked hard and became a strong community! Thanks a lot. Mirocana Team goes on holidays till the 8th of January. We wish you great holidays and a very Happy New Year🎄 https://t.co/cpUvR2R7SZ


Thank you so much, Mirocana friends! With your help we've got: - 2,275,985 $ - 1192 MIRO token holders We have thrown all our efforts to launch earlier: - Oanda integration - Mirocana Alpha prototype - Bittrex connection Join Mirocana Token Sale - https://t.co/mRzqiBiEGY! https://t.co/tJxdWCYGRo



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