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Moiom (MIM) utility token is issued in accordance with the Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand token whitepaper. MIM can be used by anyone for their DApps. MIM will be used on Ipparts Exchange, to buy other brand tokens, thereby funding new ventures. The planned purpose of MIM is thus to be used in a "similar" way as fiat currency. Ipparts, included in brand tokens, replaces shares (securities) in the economic theory of Intequinism, the foundation of AFA and MIM. MIM is the "money" of Intequinism, and AFA is the "shares".

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Project details

Started 01 April 2019
3 months ago
Development statusJust an Idea
Active fromApril 2019
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members1
Team fromSouth Africa


Total tokens101206000000
Available for Token Sale101206000000
ICO Token Price0.00000165 USD


by @mdpienaar 0 followers

#SAelections2021 China's history is good to know when thinking about South African politics. After the Chinese chased imperialists, selling opium in China, out of China, the civil war happened, whereby the Communists ousted the Kuomintang to Taiwan. https://t.co/cKMtu5yuMo

Kialo is a great new discussion platform, which can be used productively to promote discussion, for example about Divided Party https://t.co/SNthli53cm

Don't be scared to suggest changes. South Africa needs major changes.

#SAelections2021 In the SA @DividedParty will form, i want to live in a canton where wealth is limited to 30'000'000 ZAR per human. If 100'000 individuals live there, the total wealth controlled by individuals will be 30'000'000'000'000 ZAR. Rest is controlled by legal persons.

#Politics If wealth is limited in South Africa at 500'000'000 ZAR per person, would anyone complain about it?


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