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15 Jul 2020
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15 Jul 2020

A Decentralized High Performance Infrastructure that does NOT Compete with dApps Tokens in Value

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Did you know? There are 100M $VOLT tokens in total and the tokens are initially allocated in the following manner: 90% of the tokens will be mined over the next four years. The emission rate will be higher initially and drop over time. 1% of the tokens are reserved for

We donated the world's first front running resistant crosschain asset swap to the community. So what lies ahead? Xiaohan tells us below. Join our TG for the latest updates as we speed along our road map: https://t.co/I3jFBEmBtH Did we mention synthetic assets are coming? $MTRG https://t.co/knj4BDj7FY

Did you Know? All existing swaps on Ethereum and Ethereum compatible chains have front running bots. You will notice whenever you place a relatively big buy order. There are bots trying to front run and sandwich your buy with a big buy and the same size sell right before and

Great news everyone, #Voltswap is already live and we have exceptional #APYs >1,000%! For anyone interested in #LiquidityMining head to: https://t.co/jUoPzWs9CK Xiaohan, tell us more about about the unique features on our first dex. $MTRG #ALTSEASON #DeFi #CryptocurrencyNews https://t.co/7yv7TBgnLq

Hi #DeFi #crypto world, we are running a competition with $350 of $MTRG in prizes! Here is the entry link and details for how to participate: https://t.co/RBFhQAwufd Engage your #creativity with a detailed write up & be featured on our medium page + social media!#CryptoGiveaway

We are working to achieve three things with #Meter’s #DeFi infrastructure: ⚡️Complete #Bitcoin’s original vision and create metastable sound money independent of the fiat system. $MTR

⚡️Meter Community Governance Charter (Draft) Check out our #Governance draft on 1. Governance Principles. 2. Community establishment organization. 3. Proposal Category & processes. Read up here: https://t.co/HNJunYZsfJ Share your comments on this proposal #DeFi #blockchain


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