Start date
15 Jul 2020
End date
15 Jul 2020

A Decentralized High Performance Infrastructure that does NOT Compete with dApps Tokens in Value


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


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⚡️#Meter’s consensus algorithm ensures the mining cost of its stable coin $MTR to be a fixed amount of electricity. A miner’s profit-chasing behavior will naturally create a disciplined monetary policy, and #MTR will only be created when it economically makes sense. $MTRG #DeFi

⚡️#Meter's tech uses a hybrid consensus combining the benefits of PoW & PoS such as sovereign-grade censorship resistance. Meter's highly #decentralized network of block producers provides resilience to major network partitions. No single entity can reverse a Meter transaction!

⚡️How is $MTR issued within the #Meter network? In the decentralized world, #Bitcoin is generated via mining, and rewards depend on miners' efforts. Meter leverages the same theory, using #PoW to produce MTR stable coins - exchanging miner labor for value in our network. $MTRG

⚡️#Meter is the world’s first and only heterogenous (#PoW & #PoS) multi-blockchain network AND the only mainnet implementation of the #HotStuff consensus. 🔥These features uniquely position as the most decentralized & fastest #ETH scaling solution. $MTRG

⚡️#DeFi app developers, you can increase the speed & scalability of your DEXs, derivative trading platforms, yield farming programs, & others! #BUIDL using #Meter's highly-decentralized, HotStuff-consensus PoS chain as an #EVM-compatible sidechain: $MTRG


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