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End goal
2 000 000
Start date
11 Mar 2022
End date
01 Jun 2022

Marblecake develops next-level DeFi solutions & yield protocols.

As a holistic ecosystem, you will find all necessary tools at your disposal. From active swapping to passive yield generation, Marblecake is your go-to place for prime DeFi solutions.

The ICO is the project's 2nd crowdsale to fund further development. Investors who missed out on the IDO now have a chance to buy Marble tokens at a low rate before they are listed on the new native DEX & on PancakeSwap.


Project details

Started 11 March 2022
9 months ago
Active fromMarch 2022
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
ICO Token Price0.04 USD
Soft cap500000


by @marblecakedex 0 followers

To see #ftm break $2.00 we need to hold it, not sell it temporarily to lock in gains. Selling and rebuying just delays the inevitable $2.00 breakout. Dig? #fantom

Hodl on for the ride, don't sell your #ftm . This is the #fantom moment will really start to shine 🤟

#ftm pumping again. Watch in awe, dear fuders 😂 🚀 next stop $2.00

#ftm heading north again. Waiting for greed fomo to kick in and we will see this past $1.60 soon. #fomo #fantom #AltcoinSeason2022


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