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End goal
19 500 000
Start date
01 Nov 2018
End date
01 May 2019

A token that solves critical problems in the cryptocurrency industry. Making digital assets spendable to create a token that solves major problems in the Cryptocurrency industry.

We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the way to move forward but the current situation in the market has a lot of problems that needs to be rectified. We are coming into the market currently to rectify the problems that plague the market today and we believe that we can solve most of them.

We have merged and partnered with a lot of industry experts so that we can give you an all round token with a good eco system that solves the most critical problems in the industry. Our key motive is to merge the whole crypto market to be liquid in cross networking utility capabilities and come out with solutions for everyone in the cryptocurrency market. From our view, we believe that the whole industry should not fail and should come together to progress with one common objective of moving forward to grow the industry for the future.

Source code: github.com
Discussion: Telegram
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    Started 01 November 2018
    over 4 years ago
    Development statusBeta version
    Org. StructureCentralized
    Active fromNovember 2018
    AcceptsETH BTC
    Sold on presaleNo
    Role of tokenTokenomics
    Token typeUtility
    Hardware walletNo
    Number of Team Members30+
    Team fromWorldwide
    Registered companyEstonia


    Total tokens5000000
    Available for Token Sale4000000
    ICO Token Price5 USD


    by @LynToken 0 followers

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    Our partners Lyn Academy & Ibanbit has an upcoming seminar this Friday! Learn everything about Digital Banking. If you are interested please send us a PM. https://t.co/I2GN8qygeS


    Lynchpin Token IEO Successful Completion on Oct. 12 | Kickstarts Listings on BigOne, ChainX, and Biconomy https://t.co/fd9iF1zasn


    We are inviting you to come and join us in this UPCOMING Crypto Opportunity Preview and be on this journey with us. Saturday, 3rd October 2020 @ 3pm (GMT +8) https://t.co/exhETGbob5


    No new supply in the market which creates token stability. Instead of devaluing the currency with new supply, which may come into the market at very little cost through mining or staking, we use the 18 decimal point to our advantage to increase the value/price of LYN token. https://t.co/yTlygT3WSj



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