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New decentralized borrowing protocol designed to generate unprecedented liquidity against Ether as collateral.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Team fromSwitzerland



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. @Instadapp 's JavaScript SDK opens up new opportunities for Liquity Frontend Operators by allowing them to interact with Instadapp DSAs. This blog post explores how Frontend Operators can integrate: https://t.co/4GsRmuH0pT

Liquity Newsletter — August 2021 Check out last month's news and updates from around the Liquity ecosystem: https://t.co/lo3d3JRiSi

Liquity is now live on @Instadapp , bringing more value and flexibility to Trove owners. Users can also earn $INST by managing their positions through Instadapp. More here: https://t.co/mUCqIIllUi

Reminder: $vBNT holders have one day left to vote! This proposal would activate liquidity mining rewards on @Bancor 's $LQTY / $BNT pair for 12 weeks. https://t.co/x9fByzuuIS

. @bprotocoleth recently launched a Liquity integration that automates the management of Stability Pool deposits, allowing users to earn passive yield. Learn how to use it here: https://t.co/EJRyA6reeT


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