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New decentralized borrowing protocol designed to generate unprecedented liquidity against Ether as collateral.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Team fromSwitzerland




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Bridging CeFi and DeFi Learn why @BitcoinSuisseAG chose Liquity as their first #DeFi offering, and what the benefits are for their clients. See their @CVConf_ presentation.

Chicken Bonds Community Call with Q&A @TokenBrice and @rick_liquity present Chicken Bonds, providing additional context on how they work and what they achieve. Check it out on YT:

Chicken Bonds Q&A 🐣 Join us today and find out why we developed Chicken Bonds, how they solve liquidity issues for protocols/DAOs and provide interesting yield opportunities for users. 10:30am ET | 16:30 CET | 22:30 CST https://t.co/RMKmDXw33W

BIG BRAIN ALERT: 100’000 $LQTY research bounty The Chicken Bonds whitepaper was just released. Help us solve a research question regarding asset pricing to win the bounty. Whitepaper annoucement: https://t.co/8cBnS9J9xP

Chicken Bonds: Self-Bootstrapping Liquidity After half a year of intense research and development, we’re excited to unveil an unprecedented #DeFi mechanism enabling projects/DAOs to bootstrap protocol-owned liquidity (POL) for their token at no cost! https://t.co/HKx41EYuiqhttps://t.co/rzcBSdm7uE


Would you like to see $LUSD on @AaveAave ? We believe it would be a neat addition to the money market to help it hedge the current dominance of centralized and censorable stablecoins used for borrowing You do too? Support the ARC here if you own $AAVE: https://t.co/pcikjySWfl

The $veCRV whitelisting vote for Liquity concluded last week - thanks to all the llamas who supported it! ➑️530K $CRV have been locked to support the $LUSD gauge, provide voting power to Liquity, and potentially boost self-owned liquidity in the future https://t.co/xHxVxKHT9f


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