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End goal
100 000
Start date
13 Feb 2022
End date
08 Mar 2022

KYC Coin - is a hybrid B2C / B2B project that makes cryptocurrency payments and investments easy, fast
and secure. It is based on its own blockchain, which uses an advanced privacy algorithm and a creative
dynamic supply chain regulation protocol. Anyone who owns KYC coins can stake and receive rewards.
For individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, a full set of tools is offered, both online and offline:
a crypto payment gateway, invoicing and instant access to funds received, making payments, generating
a new address for each transaction. There are also many advantages for companies compared to
payments using bank cards and other services that provide processing of cryptocurrency payments.
Thanks to us, you can take complete control over your digital assets.


Project details

Started 13 February 2022
10 months ago
Development statusWorking product
AcceptsBTC , ETH ,USD , USDT
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeSecurity
Hardware walletNo


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Results 3rd INTERNATIONAL OPEN TOURNAMENT "BRAVE FIGHTER CUP" TAEKWONDO WT FOR KIDS, CHILDREN, CADETS, JUNIORS AND SENIORS.All athletes, showcased the very best of sport and demonstrated that taekwondo is more than a sport; it is a philosophy which teaches discipline and respect. https://t.co/AiUmB4EtBw


A record-high increase in natural gas and electricity?Did you ask yourself,what do I do if no money?How can I pay?KYCC can help you get through this winter.Our team is doing everything to improve our world and everyone's lives with the adoption and use of blockchain technologies. https://t.co/IRpQO9oe1O


Web3.0 is the next evolution of the internet. It will be a decentralized internet and for that it will use blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency KYCC is on the cusp of becoming a financial asset.Using the Web 3.0 cryptocurrency transactions could become a mainstream affair.#KYCC https://t.co/tdk7n5cIvB


Human life without technology is like birds without feathers. We cannot imagine to survive without technology in today’s fast-moving world. A crypto wallet is a great alternative if you’re searching for a space to invest and store your digital currencies.  #kyccoin #kycwallet https://t.co/Ae7W41L6uB


Trading and investing in KYCC are effective ways to make a significant amount of money. When you will exchange KYCC's then you will get a handsome amount of profit and when you will invest in KYCC than your original money will be multiplied many times. #kyccoin #kycchain #kycwalle https://t.co/Pu73FNg1UN


Hot wallet storage:"hot wallet"refer to crypto storage that uses online software to protect the private keys to your assets. Cold wallet storage:Unlike hot wallets,cold wallets(also known as hardware wallets)rely on offline electronic devices to securely store your private keys. https://t.co/MTvFYf7KzH


Cryptocurrencies are vastly distinguished from any fiat currency , because , unlike the centrally controlled fiat currencies , you cannot be canceled or denied the ability to make transactions anywhere anytime , without the interference of any other third - party agencies . https://t.co/df2EEwtrpP


Thanks toKYCCwe'll have a world where money is easy to access,easy to move,easy to send,easy to receive,and easy to invest.And we'll be able to do all of this globally.This means for example I can sendKYCCto my friend in India or my business partner in Panama with ease instantly. https://t.co/2o8dsX9HJ9



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