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Konomi Network is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as the development framework, the network aims to support more assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users could manage their crypto holding positions, trade assets and earn interest through decentralised money market products. Konomi also issues its native network token in order to kick start liquidity and decentralised governance.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000


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Our way to showcase $KONO's commitment! With our community surpassing 60000 membersπŸ‘₯ We're here to introduce the NEW #Konomi Community Governance Committee!πŸ‘ More about it here⬇️ https://t.co/Qs3p78chH3

🚨$KONO upgrade alert 🚨 We're creating solutions for the lack of infrastructure on #polkadot .πŸš€ More developments and projects are bound to enter the $DOT ecosystem soon https://t.co/21FAhyrQ0l

Calling all #KONO - mites! We've got a job for you! Want to play a bigger role with changing the #crypto #Lend - scape? Your chance is here! Check out details about our latest job opening below⬇️ https://t.co/8FPjeW5M7q

The new #Konomi oracle video is out right now!πŸ‘€ With $KONO's new #oracle in place, users will be able to receive price feed services for all supported tokens!πŸͺ™ Get the first-ever in-depth look here⬇️

Are you still looking for that hidden gem?πŸ’Ž This is it! Join us for a LIVE #AMA for everything you need to $KONO (know, get it?πŸ˜…) πŸ—“ September 10 ⏰ 13:00 UTC πŸ“ https://t.co/eFDaaiIucO

Join the community on $KONO's NEW Discord server!πŸ’¬ That wasn't all that's new last month either! πŸš€ stay updated with what August was for us below πŸ‘€ BIGGER updates are coming in the next months too...πŸ€” https://t.co/xlgvlUqWBa

If you've been with $KONO since the beginning, you'll know how @Polkadot man feels soon πŸš€ Stay with us as we get closer and closer to the πŸŒ• πŸš€ https://t.co/Uw77vct0vZ

The $KONO Oracle is launching soon πŸš€ πŸ›‘ Safety and security for us and our users was a top priority, as it should be We've broken down how we will prevent and eliminate attacks here https://t.co/uditTGctws

$KONO is stronger than ever with the power of friendship!🀝 Join the family and be a part of something bigger! Want more? Well, stay tuned as more updates are coming soon! #AltCoinSeason πŸš€ https://t.co/bnxb06IIp3

Massive 2021 for building our e-KONOMIπŸš€ From listings and partnerships to campaigns and updates, each month in 2021 has been quite a journey and we're not remotely close to stopping yet! Take a stroll down memory lane with us let us know what point you liked the most hereπŸ‘€ https://t.co/8tLdHQNwzY

$KONO continues to level up πŸš€ As part of the Substrate Builders Program, comprehensive support is readily available as we build towards the full $KONO platform Keep following us to keep track of the BIG updates coming soon πŸ‘€ https://t.co/xaf3xrMXRC

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, the $KONO colors have indeed changed What do you guys think of this new color scheme we have? 😏 https://t.co/8dR8AKRfUX

$KONO is now launching our Oracle on @0xPolygon ! This new development opens new doors for us as we continue to build our one-stop solution for all #crypto assets πŸš€ Get the full details on this here ⬇️ https://t.co/ZIoP9bO0dR

Security audit for $KONO #Oracle smart contracts β˜‘οΈ We have PASSEDβœ… all categories done by @Beosin_com , ensuring the $KONO smart contracts are able to function properly! πŸš€ Read the full details here https://t.co/OZWyeX56z7

With $KONO you can now borrow and Lend assets with ease πŸͺ™ It's the step forward for ALL #Cryptocurrency assets Join us as we bring you even more to come πŸš€ https://t.co/hPYR7TuI6h

July was a big month for $KONO as we prepare for even bigger things to come in the future πŸš€ We're here again to catch you up on everything $KONO related Get the full breakdown from us here ⬇️ https://t.co/ksPHjDEkyC

Partnering up with $ODDZ!πŸŽ‰ $ODDZ will not only be supported as borrowed asset within #KonomiLendπŸ’° $KONO Team’s P2P #lending will also prioritize and assist $ODDZ with setting up their own lending pool! For full information read our article here: https://t.co/XO4W8dHc4a

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