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End goal
400 000 000

KIBIS is an innovative kiosk supplier and operator that plans to become the principal payments provider for millions of people around the world. Using kiosks and offering a wide variety of services KIBIS will become a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want. KIBIS kiosks will be used to make payments, such as paying a utility bill or topping up credit on a mobile phone as well as being able to buy cryptocurrency exchange vouchers.

Kiosks will be placed in highly-accessible places such as shopping centers, squares, and popular attractions; this represents an opportunity for business partnerships with companies using our self-service kiosks to promote their brands to millions of potential customers on an almost-daily basis. We are launching our own utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that will enable our user community to become part of a universal, decentralized payment network. The KIBIS coin will allow our users to transact on the self-service kiosks, entitle discounts from our service providers and advertisers. Moreover, providing reward tokens over a 36-month term as the intrinsic value of the coin increases participants benefit every month.

KIBIS has identified a widespread and serious problem that existing technology and payment networks have failed to solve. Through our innovative self-payment kiosks we have found a solution that brings financial services to millions of people; one that takes full advantage of cutting-edge technology that in the coming years will overhaul the foundations of the current payment infrastructure.

Our multi-faceted project incorporates self-service kiosks, blockchain architecture, advertising revenue streams and cryptocurrency mining. KIBIS coin will decentralize market transactions, order book matching execution and high throughput payments with our e-Wallet payment network. All of our self-service kiosks will be equipped with mining equipment; we will have access to low-cost electricity that will enable KIBIS establishing an efficient and prominent mining pool — a new and independent revenue stream.
Technical Info

There will be numerous applications and a high frequency of state transitions, currently not possible on the Ethereum main-net.

Therefore we will create our own side chain or partner with another initiative, connected to the main chain with a trusted or trustless relay. This approach enables the KIBIS network to run at a reasonable scale, while allowing users to continue to directly own their digital assets and transfer them back to the main chain through a relay.

The off-chain process will mean that transaction will traverse KIBIS’ VPLS (Virtual Private Lan Service). Each transaction requires a SHA1 + RSA electronic signature. Sending the equipment code (unique code of equipment installed in payment acceptance outlet) in each package with the original saving of the code on server and further checking of it. If equipment code in the request does not match with the stored one, the packets are not cleared. This type of protection prevents theft of kiosk keys and use of them for fraudulent payments.


Project details

Started 10 December 2018
over 3 years ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromDecember 2018
Sold on presale0.50 USD
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyUK


Total tokens2520000000
Available for Token Sale700000000
ICO Token Price0.60 USD


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The possibilities for self-service #kiosks are huge considering the development of machine learning, meaning the self-service kiosks can interact more intelligently, with interactive voice or on-screen capabilities. Stay tuned with us: https://t.co/LFrYXfSiLa #UAE #KIBIS https://t.co/4vJ77YPpi7


The growth of the kiosk segment is fuelled by technological advancements in wireless communication, automated devices & remote management. #KIBIS is taking this advancement a step forward with the integration of Blockchain technology. Join us https://t.co/LFrYXfAHmA #kiosks #UAE https://t.co/hhAsneRavm


Each customer spend atleast 60 seconds on KIBIS kiosks to make a transaction. #KIBIS is providing opportunity to businesses to make an impact on the customers by advertising their products & services on LED screen installed in each #kiosk . Stay tuned https://t.co/LFrYXfAHmAhttps://t.co/yucbPMFrh3


Traditional payment processing mediums like banks, post & third-party payment machines require more administration and processing fees. With #KIBIS #kiosks , these are cut down by considerable amount making them a more feasible payment option. Join: https://t.co/LFrYXfAHmAhttps://t.co/ZQBGOKO7ru



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