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Kira Network

Start date
25 Nov 2020
End date
26 Nov 2020

The first decentralized solution that enables trustless and permissionless asset exchange.
Trade tokens originating from independent blockchains without any scaling limitations. Through sharding of our blockchain application, Kira can achieve throughput and availability not achievable with any current DeFi system.

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn blockchain
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens300000000
ICO Token Price1 KEX = 0.075 USD



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#KIRA Team has prepared the most recent infrastructure overview for our community. We are planning an upcoming release of the KIRA Manager, the new Upgrade Module, and deployment modes. More details in our blog https://t.co/brHrqeoAg4

With Kira when you stake your assets you maintain your full liquidity. #KIRA does not limit the potential of your capital, like other #Defi platforms or #PoS networks🚀

(1) The IVO: 🔹Requires trustless locking of assets (interchain mining) to generate tokens 🔹Assets are always available to be withdrawn

🔹We are building up the network with regulations in mind so the network operators (validators) have the option to execute operations related to a specific module/dApp or not depending on their legal jurisdiction.🔹

(1)#KIRA provides market access to any asset within interchain/web3 ecosystem in the fully permissionless manner, users that choose to use our exchange module execute operation in the P2P fashion — communicate directly with the network

There are no limitations regarding asset type that you can use with #KIRA☝🏻

(1)We are integrating with all networks that support interchain protocols. @Cosmos and @Polkadot are the most suited ones for the trustless token transfers.

#KIRA Governance handles the decentralization process — which has to be balanced out economically, there can’t be too little validators as well as too many.

(1) #MBPoS in combination with IXP creates a positive feedback loop:

🔹 $KEX acts as reserve currency in terms of which staking of all other assets is valued. It is the most efficient way of claiming revenue from our network operations in form of block and fee rewards🔹

✨Use #KIRA and other DeFi’s at the same time!✨

➡️Multi Bonded Proof of Stake (#MBPoS) allows to stake multiple assets such as cryptos, digital fiat, stablecoins and NFTs, rather than one native asset like other #PoS networks, while natively supporting staking derivatives issuance.

🔹Interchain Exchange Protocol (IXP) is a sharded orderbook module that can support uncapped number of trading pairs, it's a first application in our #DeFi stack to generate fee rewards for stakeholders of any asset type.🔹

(1)#KIRA uses new approach to powering #DeFi apps — utilizing liquidity of assets at stake through mechanism of staking derivatives.

Q: Since #KIRA runs on an MBPoS Consensus, how are you going to verify and make the traditional assets stake-able in the KIRA Network? A: Assets are deposited through IBC and XMP protocols and then they are stakable on our network, doesn’t matter what is the asset type #KIRAQA

#MBPoS allows users to generate revenues from staking both cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFT’s and real-world assets such as digital fiat and commodities.

There are no limitations how much can be locked!It is up to governance of the network to decide how much value at stake is needed to secure the network in most optimal way🔐

💎Validator Incentives 💎 —Commission fees are configurable for each validator -50% of all network fees are equally divided among all validators -Governance seat with voting power equal to all other governance members

Post Mainnet launch the next two modules to be released will include #MBPoS consensus and Ethereum bridge that will enable us to fully transition NFT and $KEX staking from @Ethereum to KIRA’s Native Chain.


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