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Start date
16 Apr 2021
End date
17 Apr 2021

KelVPN is a decentralized VPN based on the Cellframe Network protocol and realized as a t-dApp in the Cellframe ecosystem and inhabits the first Cellchain (KEL-testnet).


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale37%
ICO Token Price1 KEL = 0.09 USD



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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way! We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician. The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens. Stay tuned for updates.

The first day of Hearthstone Battlegrounds KelVPN Streamers Cup by KelVPN and Sinedd92 is about to start! 3 continents, 8 countries and 16 players who are going to battle against each other for a prize pool of $6000! The tournament starts at 10 AM CET.

We decided to be clear to users. Our blog from the development team will shed light on the technical aspects of KelVPN's greatness. We'll start the publication with Light Papers, in subsequent articles, we'll explain in more detail.

We are starting KelVPN 7.0 beta testing. Free access to the VPN service will be available to everyone in our official Telegram group.

Due to the latest updates of our project, many questions have arisen. We'll aggregate them all in this form, so the kelmates can voice your questions. This form will be open for 36 hours. An explanatory article will be produced as a result of this compilation. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The building of KelVPN behind the scenes continues. Hereby we present the second bi-weekly technical development report of KelVPN.

We have just released our KelVPN Market Growth Roadmap for 2021! Including: - Cellframe Grant - Website & VPN UI Redesign - Privacy Super-App - Cellhound: …airdrop? 🐕

📢KelVPN's CELL-KEL LP Rewards Program is now LIVE! We've allocated 1,150,200 $KEL as rewards that will be distributed over a period of 6 months. For access follow to start staking your CELL-KEL LP Tokens.

Today we are excited to share the completion of our first monthly $KEL Buyback and Burn! A total of 300,459 KelVPN tokens have been bought back from the market and burned, effectively taking 122,705 USD worth of $KEL out of circulation forever 🔥

We’re excited to introduce our $KEL token buyback and burn program to stimulate market growth and adoption. 100% of our monthly revenue will be used to buyback tokens from the open market to be burned — starting May 3rd 🔥


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