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Start date
16 Apr 2021
End date
17 Apr 2021

KelVPN is a decentralized VPN based on the Cellframe Network protocol and realized as a t-dApp in the Cellframe ecosystem and inhabits the first Cellchain (KEL-testnet).


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale37%
ICO Token Price1 KEL = 0.09 USD



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The building of KelVPN behind the scenes continues. Hereby we present the second bi-weekly technical development report of KelVPN. https://t.co/i2d6SFTQHL

We have just released our KelVPN Market Growth Roadmap for 2021! Including: - Cellframe Grant - Website & VPN UI Redesign - Privacy Super-App - Cellhound: …airdrop? 🐕 https://t.co/mqDp2RPAuY

📢KelVPN's CELL-KEL LP Rewards Program is now LIVE! We've allocated 1,150,200 $KEL as rewards that will be distributed over a period of 6 months. For access follow https://t.co/wccJGN9URT to start staking your CELL-KEL LP Tokens. https://t.co/EEyzJQ4X6Z

Today we are excited to share the completion of our first monthly $KEL Buyback and Burn! A total of 300,459 KelVPN tokens have been bought back from the market and burned, effectively taking 122,705 USD worth of $KEL out of circulation forever 🔥 https://t.co/ur4SwCS0gc

We’re excited to introduce our $KEL token buyback and burn program to stimulate market growth and adoption. 100% of our monthly revenue will be used to buyback tokens from the open market to be burned — starting May 3rd 🔥 https://t.co/3leT1zp288

We're excited to introduce Whirlwind, a cross-chain mixer based on PLONK, based on the research done by the team at @aztecnetwork , laid out in the 'Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumencial Noninteractive arguments of Knowledge' paper. https://t.co/0goJdKKeT8

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with @PolyNetwork2 , a protocol offering interoperability solutions. Poly Network’s cross-chain bridge allows all $KEL holders to seamlessly transfer their tokens between $ETH and #BSC https://t.co/OopuRJgVnL

We’re excited to announce a 2x boost for the $KEL Staking Program — we have now deployed 10% of the total supply in the staking program! https://t.co/im5WZGEXsO

📢KelVPN's Uniswap LP Rewards Program is now LIVE! We've allocated 5% of the total $KEL supply as rewards that will be distributed over a period of 6 months. For access follow https://t.co/wccJGMSjtj to start staking your ETH-KEL LP Tokens. https://t.co/fbc1K3ZyM0

$KEL Official contract address⚡ ERC20: 0x4abb9cc67bd3da9eb966d1159a71a0e68bd15432 BEP20: 0x4e1b16ef22935a575a6811d4616f98c4077e4408 Listing at 14:00 UTC! https://t.co/dNQEcyujSW

$KEL will be listed on Uniswap and PancakeSwap - April 17th, 14:00 UTC! 🔴 $KEL IS NOT TRADING ANYWHERE AT THE MOMENT. DO NOT TRY TO BUY BEFORE AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! https://t.co/MvRLmJWvXa

We're thrilled to announce the closing of our strategic investment round, raising $2,25M from reputable blockchain funds and angel investors. https://t.co/R0wqZ7R00a


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