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3 200 000
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Start date
08 Apr 2020
End date
08 Apr 2020

The first fully decentralised interoperable and self-optimised blockchain ecosystem

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens5000000000
Available for Token Sale15%
ICO Token Price1 KAI = 0.00144 USD


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KardiaChain x WolfFun AMA Recap On September 15, we’ve conducted an AMA with our 2 special speakers to discuss several amazing facts about @ThetanArena ’s future plans! READ MORE: https://t.co/2VMXz8xHjV

Eco Spotlight series #2 : @MoonkaOfficial MoonKa $MKA is one of the most promising projects in the $KAI ecosystem with the solution of land and property tokenization in Vietnam, Let's have a look at their accomplishments and future plans. READ MORE: https://t.co/ReRoCOJ90p

Hey Kardians, Don't go and "Wake me up when September ends", you are missing out on a lot of what is going on in our $KAI ecosystem. Let's have a look at what our #KRC20 projects had achieved last week. READ MORE: https://t.co/j5AJhmm10f

Creative Minds with KRC20 - A month of KRC20! #KRC20 ASSEMBLE! We are hosting a whole new creative program for all KRC20 users with total rewards worth 111,000 $KAI. Gleam link: https://t.co/NtERdm0gJM For more instructions, READ HERE: https://t.co/bGDJPGBLq5

Eco Spotlight Series #1 : @beco_swap In this new series of Eco Spotlight, the first issue will be dedicated to giving all of our $KAI and $BECO users a look back at the journey to the top of #KRC20 #DeFi Platform BecoSwap. READ MORE: https://t.co/TZpsWaNOX5

Following our momentum of Thetan Arena's #IDO hype, to celebrate with our $KAI holders, we decided to host a minigame to warm up the pre-IDO time and treat our Kardians with some special gifts. Time: Tonight, 13th September 8pm (GMT+7) https://t.co/GmfROA3cAf


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06 November 2020 11 months agoLocked KAI Release
03 November 2020 11 months agoOctober Update
27 October 2020 11 months agoBittrex Listing
16 October 2020 11 months agoWeekly Update
12 October 2020 12 months agoWeekly Recap Video
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